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Just some observations on my management

Nov 12, 2012
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just some point i was wondering if anyone else had similar stories.

So i'm on my 15th season and now managing my 3rd team. during that time i have lead my teams to a combined 7 league promotions. so i am ok at managing my teams but i have only ever won the league once! for one reason or another i struggle to win the league (usually when the teams around me lose, so do I!)

when playing lesser teams i nearly always dominate but lose. in fact i usually only get results against lower sides when playing a defensive counter attack.

when playing against a slow defense i usually play counter attack football with a fast striker running onto the ball....... this rare gets results.

when the oposition have a dangerman i usually put my best man marking in that position to tight mark him, but they also seem to have loads of space.

i get my best results by leaving my tactics alone and just changing my training and match prep before each game.