Just to get quick response am posting here pls. [tutoring] can i ..... ?


Oct 31, 2009
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im in division 1 england. I have a 16 yr old ***.5 stars Current ability with ***** Potential ability. My crop of CentreBacks only have a *** CA and PA of ***.

Im thinking, if this would be a hindrance to the youngster being tutored by CB's of their star current ability.

Can i hear your views of what i can do regarding tutoring my youngster.


ps-from tutoring, what attribute changes too if you'd like to add too. ty.

Hope someone can help me with this. Oh yeah, this is in FM'10. I thought in that forum it might take longer to get answer so wrote in this FM'13 forum. Hope you can understand me just wanting to get response sooner than later :) .
I can't quite remember if there were staff suggestions for tutoring in FM10, but I do remember that when I decided on my own to set up tutoring links with players that it usually ended in tears.

In answer to your question I think the star ratings do not have much of an impact on the benefits of the tutoring to a youngster within reason (A half a star player isn't going to have qualities which will benefit a wonderkid, but a two star player on his way out of the game may well still have a lot to offer).

I suppose think of it like a good player doesn't necessarily make a good coach and visa versa; I've had though it was in FM13 players with low star ratings in my team give tutoring with good outcomes to youths mainly because the mentality was right, or they simply had aspects which were desired even though they wern't a world beater.

Be careful if you haven't already in just putting together loads of players. I definately remember in previous versions trying that thinking that lots of tutoring can only be a good thing, but it just created rifts in my team/club as players realised they just plain hated one another :p Even if I matched up the personality types, rarely ever went well. I'd say only try out a link if your staff who know the club and players recommend it, unless someone out there who is more in the know offers some smashing information.