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Feb 15, 2011
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I used 4-4-2 with great success trough three seasons, wining Serie A two times, one Italian Cup and Champions League. Its rather basic 4-4-2, 4 men flat defense, one def. cent mid. And one to act as playmaker, two wingers and Two strikers, Deep lying forward/advanced forward partnership.

Like this:

GK- Buffon
RB-Motta, full back, support for home, defend duty for away
CB- Chielini, center back, defend duty
CB-Baonuci, same as abowe
LB- Grosso, same as Motta
LM- Pepe, winger, attack
RM-Krasic, winger attack
CM-Melo, central midfielder, defend duty for home, box to box for away
CM-Markisio, advanced playmaker, support duty, deep lying playmaker, support duty for away matches
CF-Del Piero, deep lying forward, support duty
CF-Amauri, advanced forward , attack duty
For home tactics: Control, Press more, shorter passing, zonal marking (I like it), float crosses, more roaming
For away: Counter, Press more, default passing, aggressive tackling, zonal marking, float crosses, default roaming
I use fluid philosophy with more disciplined creative freedom, but you may change that to your preference. You can also try using man marking, as it’s recommended by some but I had no problems with zonal.
Few tips on rotation: You can play Del Piero/Amauri or Iaquinta/Qualaregla striker partnership, you can use Del Piero/Qualaregla but switch to drill crosses.
Swap Melo and Sissoko often, Sissoko can play Ball wining midfielder, while Melo also contributes to attack. Landzafame and Martinez are excellent alternatives for winger positions, Landzafame should play left. Aquilani also shouldn’t be neglected, I like Markisio, but he is good also.
This is realy good for what you have in season one even with no new signings!