Jun 16, 2010
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Hi guys well this is my first ever tactic upload to fmbase so i hope i dont screw it up too much i normaly use tactics by jp woody and raikkan so i guess credit has to go to them since i pretty much copied a lot from them and just tried different tweaks untill i got something i almost like :)

First off this isnt some wonder tactic you will lose games if you dont prepare,rotate your team,make changes based on opposition etc.

First off the tactic explained Its a modern 4-4-2 with advanced wingers 2 up front very basic stuff realy i played rigid style with attack,in the early stages when my team was new to my tactic, now i play balanced with attack.

First of all with average players this tactic will yield some results but as in real life if you want promotion you need to build a strong team i started in the blue square bet south league and despite shaking my head when i saw what calibre of player is available you can pick up some very good players even for this league in my second season i got Jari litmanan whos creative skill helps leaps and bounds in the left cm position.

The 2 strikers roles ive found can be changed with little effect altho i have noticed more succes with a dlf and poacher combo, but i have played advanced fwd/target man too and it worked.Also changing the target man in team options to the dlf and supply mixed/to head/feet depending on the players strengths etc works too but i have a pretty fast poacher so i just had im fed "run onto ball"...all very basic stuff realy.

One thing i did notice is pace kills and also strong pysical players are dominante in this league too.

i Base my match prep on how my team is performing if im struggling to create chances il focus on attacking movement for a while if im conceding or making mistakes at the back i change to def positioning and i leave general training on balanced except for off season when i train team cohesion.

I dont use opposition instructuctions or shouts unless im losing and il go to overload get the ball forward, if im leading by more than 2 goals around 70 mins il change to counter attack and drop deeper.

I do realise i am only 2 seasons in and i brought in 10 new players this term to cope with the demand of playing in a higher division and so far im delighted with the results.

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Well anyway i hope you guys like it i have not tested this on any team except non league farnboro town with better players you could change the marking to zonal and allow more creative freedom fluid style etc but im not sure comments and constructive criticism welcome .

Thank you
Hoping to complete my 2nd season and hopefully make the football league.
Please do in my first season i played with defensive wingers also since my wingers were **** attacking minded :),just let me no how you get on my first season was a real mixed bag good start then terrible form for about 15 games but then something just clicked .
well im going into my second season and no money so will have to see what i can find
i spent nothing in m first season just loans youngsters and ancient players etc just gotta be patient and constantly checking the loan and ooc players