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K2 Tactic Testing Discord (only at present)


Dec 19, 2009

Hello one and all! I am creating a separate space for Tactic Testing. I am offering tactic testing for though who would like to have their own tactics simulated over a holiday season, many tactics are shared and downloaded but many do not received feedback so this is a different chance to get some. Principally I am offering to do so with a standard season holiday using the tactic. Please post the tactic in .fmf file format on the standard request area. The test will be performed with a minimum of 4 teams (1x Elite/Top, 1x Subtop, 1x Underdog and 1x Lower league (English league 1/2). I should be able to do at least 1 test per day and more on my days off. I have already tested several tactics and have provided the results on the discord. I would happily provide more information if required (stats in league etc).

I will be using the following nationality league set up: England (Prem-League 2), Spain (La Liga, Italy (Serie A), Germany (Bundesliga), France (Ligue 1) and Holland (Eredivisie).

Unlike some other testing sites you can ask for four teams from these leagues for the test to be conducted with or leave it as random.

I am not suggesting this is better than current testing merely a gateway to an alternative and to get some feedback on tactics that have not been covered or discussed by other outlets.

Thank you and hope to share more test results soon.