Jul 22, 2013
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Playing as ManUtd, currently on the 2nd season summer transfer window. My current tactic is a flat 4-4-2. Current midfield option: Fellaini, Carrick, Fletcher, Cleverley, and Kagawa, along with reserves Adryan, Criestig, and Cirigliano.

Kagawa played good, but not as good as Cleverley whose natural position is MC. I am more than willing to sell Kagawa and bring in Hamsik. Stat-wise, Hamsik looks much better than Kagawa. but how do they turn out in the long run? Should I keep Kagawa and retrain him to fill in winger position?
Kagawa isn't that good on FM (Or at least he doesn't look to be, never managed him myself) whereas Hamsik develops really well, and looks the far better player! (Although again I have not managed him)
Hamsik for sure. I'm not a fan of AMCs in general, and definitely not a fan of playing them as CMs.
I, too, am not a fan of AMCs, unless their stats show that they can play in MC position. Kagawa is going 25 years old now, and I can get 36M out of him (his current value is 25M). I'm not sure if that's a good price for him.

Hamsik is listed at 17M, which is a good deal, and Mkhitaryan is also listed at 8M. I'm looking to offload another midfield so I can bring both in, but I'm not sure who should go. Carrick seems like a good candidate since he's 32 by now with value of 12M, but he can be a good tutor for his mental/PPMs (I can't remember if he has any).
you can also try Ikkay gundogan or marco veratti. Both of them can be really good :) Hamsik is also really good. :)
36m for kagawa! Bite their hand off, and 17m for hamsik, you should also bite their hand off.
Sell Kagawa and Fletcher and buy Hamsik and Mkhitaryan.They are absolute BARGAINS for those prices.
17 for hamsik??? are napoli going bankrupt? buy him. i actually train kagawa to a left midfielder who plays short passes and cuts inside. he's actually pretty decent. but 36 is quite a bit. i sold him for 72m once($) so see if u can get better prices but i say sell and buy hamsik. asap.
Hamsik is much better than Kagawa. If you get him for less than 20M, it's a steal.