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Katsumi Touko The Smith of Pretty Victories.

Death Ball

May 17, 2009
Since processing out of matches isn't slow, I holidayed until the end of the season to see what happened. I think holidays start with November. Here you have it:

A good season, with only a handful of defeats and some more draws than a top spot battle allows for.

Indeed, fell short from the top spot and just so from automatic ECL group stage qualification. The target promised to the board was fulfilled and Napoli is back to the top competition.

Confidence is perhaps lower than I expected, but then the team just did what was asked. Finances confidence I'd say is too high considering...

FFP is going to be failed. In October, with the screen saying it was going to be met and a positive balance of around €25M, I already saw it coming if nothing was done and was planning on doing something about that. Namely, try to cash in on some players at the winter window; but taking holidays meant the problem wouldn't be tackled and so it's to be failed.

Finishing third of Serie A didn't raise her reputation. It appears then that, with 45% reputation, you need to win top divisions to increase it.


With that done, it's time to uninstall FM16. As games from the past to come back to from time to time, it's either FM12 with a new save or FM15 with Viktoria Ackerman. If I go back to past games.
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