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Keep at club vs Loan Out


Oct 27, 2009
So I've been thinking about this with Ajax particularly in mind.

A lot of people will say young players need to be loaned out to gain playing time etc to improve and normally you would find the club with the best training facilities.

If in Ajax's case you are loaning out players and you're only getting offers from clubs in leagues with a similar standing as the Dutch 2nd division (or clubs in that division) would it be better to just keep the players in Jong Ajax since they play at that level and likely have the best training facilities in the country already?

I know for teams in some other countries this doesn't work as their "reserve" teams tend not to play in the normal league structure so the quality of game is not as good.

Trying to focus on developing talent and promoting from within to replace first team players before having to buy if possible so obviously want to maximize that development where possible.

Obviously some would need to be loaned out to prevent overcrowding but would you keep your projected stars in the first team to train with the first team/get tutored and make them available for Jong Ajax or is loaning out really the better option?