Keep Losing Against Bottom League Teams


Mar 11, 2010
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Im a recently registered user, but have been reading posts for a while now. I wont rant about the quality of the game, but i have an actual problem i can't solve and would like some help.

As the title mentions it, i keep losing against the last teams of each league i play. Last month i had a savegame with Athletic Bilbao, replayed a match against Sevilla 14 times (the ol' saving before playing) and lost all of them. Sevilla was placed 18th.

Actually im playing in the peruvian premier division (im from peru) with Universitario, im placed 4th and im playing against the last placed team of the league. It hasnt wont a game in the last 10 matches. Surprisingly, it keeps beating me by at least 2 goals.

I've changed tactics, player and temtalks ahd still keep losing. This is the third time ive encountered this problem, and the last two times i ended up abandoning the savegame out of frustration.

Any recommendations on how to win these type of matches? Has anyone encounted these type of problems?
Well, my first advice would be to take a loss and don't reload. The most common reason here to lose is because many of the most important variables are against you.
- your players will to win against theirs
- your players complacency against they being humble
- some of your key players not being up for it versus theirs having a good game

Here, it's really important to acknowledge the fact that tactics mean very little and it's not even certain that the team talk just before the game can help you either as the mental state of your players is something that has been formed the last weeks. But, you should still try doing this before and during the game.

- make sure that the players know that every game versus opponents like this are tricky

- If you see that your team is struggling and are loosing lots of tackles, not being able to close down the opponent, then look at your tactic. Are you using a high press tactic? If so, then it's not going to work unless EVERONE puts in an effort. Here, it's better to play more compact and play more cynical. Come deeper and use a more cynical approach.

- if being down at halftime, try subbing some of the players not winning any tackles and tell the team that you are ashamed of them all.

Naturally, the key is to avoid these situations as a whole and therefor, it's important knowing WHY one is struggling. Hold team meetings every now and again. If players are struggling in training, it's also a good sign that the players are not motivated( not unhappy, a fat cat is a happy cat) enough and it will show in matches to_Other things that are giveaways are when start seeing some players not reacting to your team talk, perhaps just " looking happy " rather than motivated. Then hold meetings with them.

It's not easy being on the top and many teams do struggle with this in real life to.
Use players for those games that don't regularly play? I once took a youth player at striker and he was the only one who would perform against certain sides. I thought I'd use him as a one-off against a small team and then started using him against all opposition, despite his having one star at the time.

Use those impossible to win weak games to weed the winners from the losers in the squad. Anyone who gets a 6.5 or below in the game gets put in the Reserves (and you tell them that's the case). They pick up performance after experiences like that.

And personally I don't ever save the game and restart. Take it as real life- one shot only. It's much more rewarding! Totally your call though.
I have had this problem since at least FM 2008. I cannot fathom why it happens. I have tried literally everything in the book but when you face bottom of the league they turn into Barcelona with Peter Schmeichel in goal. Just played bottom of the Skrill South on 2014, 3 games won in 28 matches and got 1 point in the last 12. I get trounced 3-0. Frustrating aint the word and I was on 6 wins on the bounce.
Same here. I recently clinched title win. One game...I won but the game crashed when I click to end game at end of match. I wanted to repeat that exact result (a win). Turns out...took me reloading the game file 8 times (all defeats but 1 draw, literally in these 8 reloads) against 18th or 19th place team. I'm a first place team......WTF? Just odd.oO)

I just feel that I play better against stronger (based on their standing) teams than weaker teams. Weird.