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Keeping Embolo at Basel


Oct 27, 2009
Started a game as Basel and Embolo lit up the league first season and of course the big clubs are circling and he wants out. So far Ive blocked him. Hes not too happy but it hasnt really seemed to effect the team so Im not that bothered. Highest offer Ive gotten for him so far is £40m with £24m up front and a 50% of next sale clause. Not too bad but Id really hope for a lot more. I know the money I was just offered would pretty much guarantee my dominance in Switzerland but I was already given a £12m budget to spend. Have Barca and Real as my senior affliates and snapped up Zivkovic on a free transfer so its not like I need the money. Should I just sell him on or try keep him as long as possible and does anyone have any ideas on how to keep him apart from just blocking everything. Going to make a real push to make it out of the group stages of the Champions league this year so hopefully that helps.


Dec 5, 2011
Keep him. Ignore his pleas to leave. He will only agitate 2 leave while in tranny window. As soon as he calms down extend his contract.

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