Apr 6, 2009
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hi all ive just started a season with bolton, although i belive elmander and davies to be good enough to score enough goalsd this season i have realised that davies is 33 and isnt going to have much left in the tank.

Can you guys reccomend any replacements age doesnt bother me although would prefer someone 25 or younger have a transfer budget of 2.5 million pound ?

any help would be much appreciated :)
Yup, either Kadlec or Makengo. Kadlec is probably both better and cheaper.
leigh griffiths too, should be available for roughly 230k in the first season?
Christian Benitez
Cleo - Partizan
Bogdan Stancu
Gary Hooper
Takayuki Morimoto
Walter - Porto
Rafael Sobis
Franco Jara - Benfica
Marco Ruben
if your looking for a target man go for connor wickham - ipswich
buy me... im in bosnian 6th league XD
now, really... kadlec is good... marcus bambam is good too :)) ill go for kadlec :D
cheers guy although i am loooking for a target man to replace davies ill swipe kadlec considering ive had him before so i know how he turns out but id prefer a big man
i tried rafael moura but he has already signed a pre conteract with VVV
I advice you to look at Garra Dembele.
He's cheap and scores goals for fun.
after financial problems ive realised i can only offer a player wages up to 3k so im going to need to sell some high earners :/