Jun 14, 2013
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This kid starts off with good stats, and can play right at the start. I have him playing forward with Theo Walcott for Arsenal, and he has scored 13 goals in 8 appearances. The one bad thing is because he comes with a hefty price tag. I had to pay 60 million US to get him.
$60 MILLION?! What season did you buy him in?

I know he is quality, but he isn't worth that LOL! :p
That is a good price for potentially the best young german striker ingame.
It is 60 million though, unless you have to much money barely any players are worth 60million
That is a good price for potentially the best young german striker ingame.

But you don't need him to be German, and there will always be better regens by the time he is getting good. And I doubt he would ever be worth $60m!
I got him when he was an equivalent to a young Messi, who I bought for 100 million US in another save.
10mil max!! 60mil you could get isco thaigo and have 20mil left
Sorry didn´t read that he was paying 60 million dollar in 2012, but for a fully developed Volland i would pay it.
Quick update, I was able to get him for 38 million US in my first season for Dortmund. 2 games, 6 goals. Do the math =/
We weren't playing a team from Blue Square South, but world class teams, specifically Man United and Werder Bremen. I'd say he's worth it.
His value says it all
So much better and cheaper players than him.
What role you playing him to score that many? Poacher or deep lying forward?
I bought him on a Dortmund save in the second season for £18M, he scored 34 in 32 league games in his first season and 29 in 30 in his second. He's well worth the money in my opinion, especially given the fact that you can get £30M+ for Lewandowski....