Jun 28, 2009
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Ok i have decided to create a thread for player face's. I know there is a few requests threads already, but i was always looking to give another go at faces so that what made me create a new thread:).

I also do anystyles so don't be afraid to ask cya;)

Cheers KevyMatts


Df10 Style Df10 style​

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CF 09-10 140x180​

*I recommend to download a 180x300 mod, it will look better in the game then, click here for FM09 or here for FM10 to Download
Put the mod here: Documents and Settings/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 10/
Many thanks to TheBlueBoy who made the FM10 mod!


Here is the template i would like use to use please:)

Players Unique ID:
Players Nationality:

What Style You Would Like:
Nation/Club Appearance:

TO GET THE FACES INTO THE GAME: My Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2010 > graphics > Facepacks

*Templates not made by me.
very nice mate i like the sol campbell one on the right, and i like the rooney one,
They're very good mate, I am sure you will start getting requests soon. I personally don't need any as I have a megapack but good stuff mate :)
Super Sol Campbell! ;)

Like the style, very trendy ;)
Awesome mate, when I finsih my Derby game I want to go Lower League and may request one. YOU ARE A LEGEND!!
Could you do Sergiy Krytsov please bud? Thanks
ello i need some facepacks, Seria A because i downloaded others and they didnt work and id like Marco Varretti or Verratti crt remember witch one haha Gl
Could I get the Chester City IDs I know its alot but I could get the names, ID and images for you. Config please.

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Gromite, you go onto: Options/Preferences/Display & Sound
and then tick "Show Unique Ids" and click Confirm at the bottom right corner. It will take a while to load and then when it does go on to e.g. Chester and it will say: Chester City 24th in Blue Square Premier (ID: 633) and then you post 633 as the ID. Simples ;)
well i want the whole off seria a and b ;) plus marco verratti i have been requesting this for weeks , asking dif people but nothing happens can kevy be the one !
Could you do nicolas lodeiro id number 78018171 please
I havent created a template in the OP for nothing no requests will be done without using that template, also im not taking face pack request, just single players