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Sep 22, 2017
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KFCO Beerschot-Wilrijk

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First of all a brief history of the club before I explain why I chose them.
1990 K Beerschot VAC is playing in belguim. But because of bad financial management they go togheter with Germinal Ekeren.
1999 Germinal Beerschot is created. In 2005 they win the belguim cup.
In 2010/11 there comes a new chairman, they change names again "Beerschot AC".
Once again due to financial dismanagement the club is bankrupt and cease to exist.

Here our story begins.
KFCO Wilrijk is a club in belgium founded in 1922 and peaked with playing in the belguim first division.
After years they ended up in the first regional division in belguim, playing on the same practice fields as Beerschot.
In 2013 the supporters of Beerschot had to look out for a new club to support. Many supporters now went to see Wilrijk.
Beerschot and Wilrijk played just a few 100 meters from eachother (when beerschot still existed). Because of the thousands of Beerschot supporters going to watch Wilrijk,Wilrijk decided to take the Beerschot into their club.
In 2013 KFCO Wilrijk changed it's name to KFCO Beerschot-Wilrijk and also integrated it's colours.
Due to high attendencee (7000) the club could take over the old Beerschot venue.
They had an average attendencee of 7000,peaking at 12.000 and having an average away game attendencee of 1000 supporters.
They became champions in 1st regional as they started their conquest towards belguim's first division.
They were now in the 4th division of belguim once again hitting amazing amounts of attendencee.
At the end of the season the 2nd consecutive title was a fact. KFCO B-W once again promoted.
3rd Divsion was once again another victim in the Conquest to Belguim's first division.
Getting ready to get to the 2nd Division, Belguim's league system reformed (will explain it later).
We once again had to play in the same league (3rd Division) which was now called 1st Amateur Division.
Once again we lifted our Trophy and got promoted to the Jupiler Pro League 1B (2nd Division). (2016-2017 season)
We won the league 4 consecutive years and are now very close to our goal of getting back to the Jupiler Pro League 1A (Belguim's 1st Division).
At this moment KFC B-W is still unbeaten this season in the league and are first.

Why KFCO Beerschot-Wilrijk?

They are my favorite team in Belguim and I have been supporting them since 2005. I have seen them win the Belgian cup and have seen them go down due to poor financial management.
There is no greater honor for me to build on this story even if it's virtual.
Also one of the reasons I want to play with them is because we once produced real talents like Jan Vertonghen, Moussa Dembele, Vermaelen, Alderweireld.
Oh and remember Victor Wanyama? I still got a shirt from Beerschot with his signature on.
Belguim's league system

Belguim's league system explained

First of all, don't worry. Belguim's league system is a giant mess and even we Belgian's aren't always sure what's going on. I will only focus on the first 3 Division as we hopefully won't relegate to a lower division. In Premier league terms the competition looks like this. In reality it isn't at all.

The Belguim League

1. Belgian First Division A
2. Belgian First Division B
3. Belgian First Amateur Division

As we are playing in the Belgian First Amateur Division I will explain this league first. This league has 16 Clubs in it. Every team will play eachother twice. The bottom three will be relegated and the 4th last team has to play an relegation play-off. For the top 4 teams there is a play-off for the promotion ticket. Every team will start with 50% of their points in this play-off (To close the gap). The winning team get's a ticket to the Belgian First Division B on the condition they receive a pro license.

!! Things are going to get messy !!

Belgian First Division A
The BFDA has 2 phases. The first phase is playing each team twice. This league also consists of 16 teams.
After the first phase we get a second phase dividing the teams in play-off's.

1st-6th Will play in the first play-off league (for Champions League and the Title)
7th to 15th place will play in the second play-off league (for european places)
Club number 16 on the list get's relegated and won't have any games anymore.

Play Off 1
Teams also get half of their points with them so the gap in the top get's closed (points get rounded up)

Play Off 2
12 Teams split up in two groups.
Wait 12 teams? Yeah... 3 Teams from the second Division will play here for an Europa League spot. (explained later)
After the 2 groups of 6 teams played their games (10 games per group) the 2 winners of the groups will play a two legged final. The winner of this final will play the 3rd or 4th placed team in belguim for another two legged final for an Europa League spot.

And yes the 2nd tier teams can get a spot in the europa league.

Belgian First Division B
This competition consist of 8 teams who will play eachother twice per period. The Division has 2 periods.
The first period is between September and December.
The second period is between January and march.
The winners of both periods play a final to determine who will promote. (yes u can win one period and lose another and still play for promotion)
The 3 clubs who will be transferred to play off one are the teams who are 2nd, 3rd and the loser from the promotion final. Little twist they have to be 2nd, 3rd in the combined competitions aka adding the points from period 1 and 2. Oh and if u promote, u wwon't be able to play play off.

If anyone has a logical explaination for the league, pls tell me.

KFCO Beerschot Wilrijk Pre-Season


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Personally I think we had a good run in the preseason and the whole squad is looking pretty strong. We are currently spending to much on player wages and cannot sell the few guys who I want to sell which is a small problem. Second problem... we have to have 2 U21 players on the squad for gamedays and I cannot seem to find quality players. But we can manage it either way.

We had a change in personell, our Assisstant Manager went to another club and we replaced him with a beter one on a lower wage, same with a physio.

My targets for this season are a good cup run and winning the league. The next games will be cup games. I will update after I played the whole month of august.​