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Kiira Rautio the woman of melting ice. Finnish are shy. And my titles must be long.

Death Ball

May 17, 2009
Some years ago a Finnish girl that played in a game server I played in, told me there was this joke about Finnish people. It goes "what is the difference between an introvert Finnish and an extrovert Finnish?" "The introvert talks to you looking at his feet. The extrovert talks to you looking at your feet". So, ice because that's the cliche that will go for anyone from Scandinavian countries. Melting because she's shy. And a woman, because since my first two journeyman were with women as I was curious if I'd see anything relating with sexism, I came to establish as tradition that journeyman save is with a woman and club save is with a man.

Why another journeyman save in the blog instead of going back to managing a club as I said I would do, I think I did, in FM18's story? Because for one reason and another, I ended up barely playing at all and so the save only lasted two seasons. We can't say I played it or did anything, though that final save, taking Mosonmagyarovar to the top of the table when predicted to be dead last by far is the success that has felt more satisfying. Therefore it's back to the journeyman save. Also I've enjoyed the journeyman saves. This save though I thought it's more to feel like doing a club save because there is so much more to do at the start. A factor that helped made that story so scarce was trying to go back to updates over long expanses of time to try make them less routine and so more interesting, so I will do updates over shorter periods of time. Maybe not just monthly, but bimonthly at most.

I wanted an European from a country without league loaded. I know Finland has league, but I've not activated it. One of those leagues with ten matches per year where most of the time is doing nothing. Boring. I know among the activated are a few that have few teams, but whatever.

There's not really anything special thought for this save. I thought I might try what I did in FM14 about playing without looking at the attributes, but I read mentions of the concept being used by several people. I know Cleon for one has planned to do something like that. There is a chance at some point I get to an idea of doing something particular; but I guess it will be whatever happens from something in the save. Perhaps getting players with infamous PPMs. In a save I did in Youtube, I found out "likes playing out of trouble" is actually good and "Plays out of defence" is probably the dangerous one.

You will see that for a character that is meant to be rather shy, I've given her a high determination, but that's because in FM determination, level of discipline and working with youngsters have never changed and I imagine with experience she'd be picking some confidende to be more assertive, so I've chosen to get it to what I would want it to look at the end of her career, though probably I should have interchanged it with adaptability. I also used the recommended experience and badges.

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She applied for the free places that looked within reason. I really wanted the Samorin FC job as they were predicted to finish close to top, but in the end, only Hamel Hampstead from formerly known as Vananarama South offered the job. Not quite bad since it is predicted to finish mid table.

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Next update will be either the preseason or the initial ideas to plan for the future.
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Death Ball

May 17, 2009
I made a test profile in beta for some things, which I didn't get to in the end besides making it, and when making the definite save in release I clicked on edit profile. Now I'm not sure if she speaks English and has Arsenal as favoured team because I forgot to remove them or if speaking English comes along being Finnish, as it does for Spaniards, because there are enough people who speak English there for the database to do so and I in the end decided on a not too thought (hence why I don't know which one) whim to let her be an Arsenal fan. Since I realize that now, after getting the first job and having done the preseason friendlies, I'm not even consider restarting. I may make a quick save with a new manager to test the enough Finnish speak English fluently thing. I think in both cases is the later: English comes with being Finnish and I decided to keep her as Arsenal fan to have some connection with something.

I go into the stadium to talk to the club's president and staff and I find myself trying to hide my disappointment to speak only to the president because there is no staff whatsoever. I asked the president to sign more people. And the total amount of players in the club is twenty one players, whom I assign to the first team, as I don't see anyone who was assigned in under-number squads to be any measurable amount of worse than those in the first squad. At least at first sight. I definitely need to bring some players, though it's hard to decide where as this is the level it is. At least, what I've just said doesn't mean the squad is worthless, I think it can do a decent job in this division and the midtable expected of them feels reasonable.

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View attachment 32606
View attachment 32601

I'm very happy to start working in football, so I'm happy here. I think I would be happy if I was managing a team that played in a dumpster, so I don't feel bad that the players seem to not care anything for me. They mostly seem to ignore me, though at least they do like they listen when I'm giving them the instructions about what to play. If they listen to that then it's fine. What they do on the pitch is what wins or loses matches, so as long I give them the proper orders and then listen, then I don't care if they ignore me altogether for everything else.

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View attachment 32602

The club can't offer much incentive economically to the players, so I leave the bonus at the usual. I don't want to give them a reason to dislike me.

View attachment 32600

I placed loan offers for every Watford U23 player listed for loan, as that's our parent club, but everyone refused. I've asked the assistant that was hired to check on a few players listed for loan from League One and Two clubs, just the ones with the highest value. I will try with Watford U19 as well, but I'm suspecting we'll play with what we have.

The preseason had few matches left and with how little we can train, we're a semi-professional club, there's only been one match per week. I'm rather happy with performance. Specially because we managed to win the last match against Burnley's U23 team. I know it surely had a lot of youngsters who weren't taking it seriously; but I thought a Premier team's U23 squad would wipe us from the pitch and we kept pretty solid all through the match. Even if the stats say they had more chances that were better, I think we generated more danger for them. The clear cut chance assigned for us doesn't count because it was the penalty that got us the lead.

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The reputation description has changed to that of the club, but the value remains the same: 5%. Curious how having the National A License doesn't make her have more. It seems, then, that for a journeyman's reputation it is better to begin with no licenses whatsoever, so there are more 5%'s increases to be had studying for the next.


Due to not having any backroom staff, I've been asked to manage the U23 and U18 (until the team got the U18 manager), but while actually doing that would add to the realism of playing the save hardcore style, it would also drag it longer and, in the end, I guess the U23 results wouldn't matter much to the game, would they? At any rate, getting into adding the U23, the drag of seasons could make it feel harder to keep through (if I didn't come from a version in which the past story save was such a failure I would have tried to manage them too but given that I don't want to risk feeling burnt out for playing some U23 matches I don't really care much about, specially when the whoie Uxx squads are grey players), so since the skin I use has the instant result, I'm using that for the U23 matches until a U23 manager is appointed.
Asking the president to sign more backroom staff means he's in charge of doing the backroom signings and I've just posted ads for the jobs.
Now that I think about it, I believe the question about working with a director of football was the Samorin interview, so I could just as well have taken over the backroom staff signings. Oh well, there's already a few coaches and the U18 manager hired by the president. I may do my own signings now that I realize I have no promise to work with a DoF. The promise I made with the board is to stay in the club for a long time, so I can't apply for a new job in the next six months. IIRC from a previous journeyman save I did, applying for International jobs may count towards the promise. Edit: thinking again on it, I guess it makes sense for a very young and shy manager to ask the president to do the signings than being the one carrying them as she'd think the president would command some more respect and improve chances of contracts being signed with less stress for her.
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Death Ball

May 17, 2009
View attachment 31502
The first thing I had to decide was to name the captain and vicecaptain. I chose to leave it unchanged, though Ward isn't in my mind one of the two better centrebacks.

What became clear as the season started is that the squad depth isn't nearly enough with the match congestion we'll have at some point, so a fair number of signings were needed. Unfortunately, nobody wanted to come on loan from the U23 squad from Watford and they rejected any loan offer for anyone in their U18. Most of the new signings are on youth contracts that pay per appearances. I went a bit overboard and probably we'll need to let a number of them off, but I'll give them time to earn their stay.

View attachment 31501

It's not quite hurt the squad dynamics, though the locker room became a little less lively with so many new faces that made the guys become a bit more reserved with their talks. After the matches played, I have a few players who seem to be more attentive when I talk and seem more friendly now.
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I feel we could've had a bit better results. The last draw could've been a win if one of the new signings ─ there are so many I don't know yet all their names ─ at centreback had not kicked a ball that was going to the keeper's hands into the net. Also the loss against Hungerford was disappointing, I feel we had done enough to win but in the end they managed to find two goals in counterattacks. With those results, we're just around where we're expected to finish.

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View attachment 31497

We've achieved this by using a simple 4-4-2 with no special instructions to any player. As they start to get all familiar enough I will begin to think on giving them some more precise instructions on how to do their parts. I will also start working in a back up system.

View attachment 31496

When the month is almost finished, we find the finances are still good and the board is satisfied enough. I asked for a coaching course, but they rejected it because they don't want me to miss a minute of training.

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View attachment 31491

View attachment 31489

I think I'm not going to make the FM17 style of match preview - commentary - match result, because by adding so many pieces of the same format, zombie writing them becomes harder and harder to avoid. I may take some screens from some match here and there if I want to highlight something I think could be interesting; but if you people want me to go back to that I can do it.

Death Ball

May 17, 2009
September 2018

Bad results continued at the start of the month. A close 1-0 defeat to Torquay followed by a big 1-4 defeat against second placed Billericay. The bad part being not so much failing to win after five matches in a row, but that during the stint the team showed to be extremely frail defensively through drops of concentration, which is something I don't have much to do, given no player for the defence shows much better ability to stay focused, and inability to create any chances. The way Billericay controlled the match and how they are second, made me think on working on using their formation to make a second system, in the hopes we would find results with it.

It was a flat 3-5-2 and I instructed the players to play with that system, with Howe and Doyle starting as they were unhappy with their little playing time. It's not as cautious as the previous, with some more pressing upon loss of the ball, less deep defence to take advantage of the numbers in midfield and to focus play in the middle. The first match was a defeat, but completely different: we controlled the match almost like Billericay did, until the referee made up a penalty and then we took risks that made the statistics show something that didn't happen. After that, we've got two wins in a row, too bad one of them is a cup match. I don't care for the cup.

View attachment 30585
View attachment 30584
View attachment 30583

With those results we went back to a lowly fifteenth position with more than a match margin from relegation. I hope the good results continue so we'll be closer to play offs than relegation. We shouldn't be in a fight against relegation.

View attachment 30582

The signings made put a brake on the rhythm at which we had been earning money and have started to be on decline, but I don't think finances will be much of an issue. If anything, come January I will make an evaluation on whether we can lighten the load on the budget. Regardless, the board is satisfied with finances as well. Only worry is understandably how bad the 4-4-2 turned to perform before we dropped it.

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View attachment 30580

View attachment 30579

Death Ball

May 17, 2009
October - November 2018

It's been a rough couple of months since the last update. I changed to the 3-5-2 after that Billericay match in hopes of improving the team form, seeking to find in a better attacking play compensation for the unreliability of the defenders' concentration. It should have worked, we only lost the first time to bad luck, then we got a couple wins; but after that, it's all gone downhill because the play is there, but not the finishing. Then, though oddly enough the three at the back haven't made a sign of being weaker defensively, in fact I feel our defence has become stronger, perhaps from the more crowded middle, we still concede enough easy chances due to the complete lack of pace at the back. Problem is that I can see that giving up on defenders who can jump to stop those runs behind out defence, then we'll start conceding to high crosses and something tells me those would be more punishing. But as things stand, there's no choice but to take the risk. It is no surprise that the players are starting to get unhappy, though they began sooner than I expected.

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View attachment 29327
View attachment 29326
View attachment 29324

Those who wanted more playing time have been given the chance, which they have taken, if results haven't gone our way. Except the one about improving our position, since results kept being poor, despite making a slight change to formation as requested, since a move to 3-4-1-2 seemed to work in matches when we were behind. Connolly had not played so he finally got to demand some time so he's having it now that we're going to go for a 4-4-1-1.

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View attachment 29323
View attachment 29322
View attachment 29321

Since there is some fixture congestion in this first couple weeks and later we'll have two free weeks, I chose to not have extra times in the FA Trophy match, as I don't want anybody needing to play extra time if possible. There's the only positive thing: we're still in one cup competition.

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View attachment 29318
View attachment 29317

With that it's no wonder the board isn't happy. Only the ticket seller at the entrance is happy because she won a raffle to go to Disneyland with her kids. Yay for her.

View attachment 29316

Finances have taken a good turn in these two months and we've been earning money, so there's something positive.

View attachment 29315

Seeing some background staff and one player got paid for coaching courses, I asked one and they've kindly paid for one. I'm glad to see they're not being the jerks at one moment I feared might be, telling me I'm needed in the training pitch but allowing everyone else to leave to study.

View attachment 29313

If or when the board comes telling me to explain the results, I'll just show them this match that shows how crappy is the squad I have to work with: they were demolished in an U23 friendly playing against the U23 squad of a team just one division ahead.

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View attachment 29311

Death Ball

May 17, 2009
December 2018

Month started in a way that wasn't all that bad outside the pitch: while I lost support, nobody was turned against me and Oliyide even rejected an offer from Gloucester. Even Ward came to say he was no longer unhappy from his lack of playing time.

View attachment 28270
View attachment 28269
View attachment 28268

However, that wouldn't get translation on the pitch. With the 4-4-1-1 failing as bad as the rest defensively but failing to do anything offensively, I decided to go back to the 4-4-2 from the start. It gave some signs of improvement in creating chances, but still our snail fast defenders were unable to provide the defensive solidity needed to get results. Yes, I said I was going to use fast players instead of the slow and tall I was using, but it turns that while conceding to high balls as predicted, they still let rivals run behind them so it was worse in the end. That made it so frustrating that when the board wanted a meeting I just didn't feel like going, so I'm out.

View attachment 28267
View attachment 28266
View attachment 28265
View attachment 28264

To be honest, I thought it would happen sooner, so I have no complaints. At least I managed to keep finances healthy.

View attachment 28263

At the minute there's only one job available I consider having a realistic chance to get.

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View attachment 28261

Death Ball

May 17, 2009
January - February 2019

Botafogo, from Brazilian Serie C rejected my application, but it wasn't long before getting back to management. In the end, I just got my first managerial success: promotion through sack.

View attachment 27037
View attachment 27036

Just in relegation place but not far from the teams ahead, so this means moving upward faster than anticipated. On the cons, players are not even indifferent. There are a few that kept mocking me during the tactical meetings.

View attachment 27034
View attachment 27033
View attachment 27035

Despite that I leave two of those as captain and vicecaptain, as I think it'd turn into something nastier if I removed them.

View attachment 27032

It turns out that Etheridge looks the better keeper of the two we have, so he's starting matches right away, which soon placates him. Wosolowsky asks for time not long after and he also proved his worth and earned to be a regular starter.

View attachment 27031
View attachment 27030

The team comes from a bad run of results, which makes the overall average to lowish morale among the squad a bit of a surprise. The main plan will go through a wide 4-3-3, aiming to be leaning toward the defensive side of things. We'll keep shape at the back, keep from committing many players forward and not rush the attacks, though we won't be worrying about keeping the ball. Just try not to lose it with overambitious passing or too high tempo. As a secondary I'll set up the start of a simple 3-5-2.

View attachment 27027
View attachment 27026
Didn't get the main tactic screenshot made, I'll post it later or when it's a bit more refined

The only notable issues we've had this period was the injury to Scales, our only left fullback, which led me to seek a replacement to cover for him. There were only three known to the club and that was my old players plus someone who is not even fit for a school. I signed Connolly then, though less versatile than Howe, I felt he can be expected to be more consistent while waiting for Scales' recovery. The other issue is Paniayoutou making a fuss because he hasn't played much. He made it after the first match I didn't use him.

View attachment 27025
View attachment 27024
View attachment 27023

After the first defeat against Hereford, the same day I took charge, things turned into a small string of wins, one of which sadly was a friendly, that took us out of relegation places. The last match was a good sign, for even if we ended losing, we did against the team at the top and were competitive, getting the first goal. It was just through an extraordinary shot and an unfortunate corner that they managed to get away with the win.

View attachment 27019
View attachment 27018

The finances don't look very good at the moment, but if Panaiyotou leaves and now that I can have a bit better grasp on the squad, perhaps we can get rid of some wages to help things.
View attachment 27016
View attachment 27017

Board is satisfied enough so far; but the best thing is that the mocking has ceased and there seems to be no more any players undermining me. Even Paniayoutou, with his fuss over the press, seems to behave alright during meetings.
((Another missing screenshot: the three parts of dynamics are still in the red side, but the managerial support is not barely red. No players oppose Kiira, though nobody yet supports her.))

View attachment 27015
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Death Ball

May 17, 2009
March 2019

This month things have been calmer from the players. Panaiyoutou has played some games, scoring some goals, in open play and from the penalty spot and he's not moaned again, though he's not happy yet. But at least he's working, which is nice. Wosolowski has finally become happy with his playing time. The only bad thing has been that Andoh is not getting his work permit, which made him request to be transfer listed and I conceded it to him. There's no point forcing him to stay if he won't be allowed to play. Fortunately he's found a team to play for the next season.

View attachment 26046
View attachment 26045
View attachment 26044

Though right at the start we had the youth intake, which I'd say is pretty good, considering I think there are at least two players who I could use in the first team.

View attachment 26043
View attachment 26042
View attachment 26041
View attachment 26040

As for what goes on the pitch, this has been a decent month. I changed to a V shaped 4-3-3 and it's worked well, giving us a few wins including a win against a team in the promotion play offs and then we were in the way to a second win against a promotion side, but the team crumbled in the second half.

View attachment 26039
View attachment 26038

The worst thing is why the players keep ignoring my set piece instructions? I spend so much time to tell them how to deal with them but I always see them doing whatever. Where is the fourth player standing back? Why is my right winger taking the corner when from the right I've told my left winger to do it?

View attachment 26037

Finances don't look to be too healthy, the balance is worse than past month.

View attachment 26036

View attachment 26035

View attachment 26034

Some interesting points there: She's won one point to goalkeeping shot stopping, but has lost one point in fitness coaching and determination. I don't think I've ever seen before drops in the manager stats. It can also be that I missed them, as one of the holes in these stories I've been doing is I barely pay attention to them. Also this skin doesn't show all the attributes for my manaher :whoops:
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Death Ball

May 17, 2009
For some reason, maybe a skin I tested briefly had cut it off or something, I was wrong about Nuneaton being in the Vananarama National. It's actually in the Vananarama National North. So there wasn't a promotion through sack.
April 2019, end of the season.

The month starts positively as to make one look forward. I pass the exam for the coaching course and the players start to look happier about having me as their manager. They all seem in better mood. Even Panaiyoutou.

View attachment 25685
View attachment 25684
View attachment 25683

This is the last month of the competition. A comparison of the teams that can go down say we're not going to have the hardest schedule and we have some matches between teams behind us, which give us some extra chances.

View attachment 25682

The start of the month follows the positive atmosphere with an opening win, then a frustrating draw as a comfortable lead is given away. Then as I tell my players that it's only one more point to ensure survival they bottle it. We lose the first chance to seal permanency. Then they follow it with a completely shameful display that makes me fine a week of wages to some of them. Obeng and Andoh protest while the others accept their fine. Adoh is already set to leave, Obeng won't remain. Despite the performance we still get to stay in the division as the teams that are first of relegation and last of permanency are three points behind and they face each other, which makes impossible for both to get ahead of us. The last is another disgraceful set of performances with new fines that make me seriously consider renewing all the players I can.

View attachment 25681
View attachment 25680
View attachment 25679

Finances don't go too well, which is another point that says we need to avoid renewing the more expensive contracts.

View attachment 25678
View attachment 25677

Only four players don't end contract this season. Also I forgot to mention Belford became the starting goalkeeper when the better run of form started so I think he deserves to stay, as do Scales, Tweed and perhaps Carter. Both loanees, Calveley and Angus did well and I'd like to bring them back for next season. The only problem about letting Obeng go is we don't have another fullback for the right side. I'll start bringing in trialists before holidays to try find someone who can take his place.
View attachment 25675

View attachment 25674

P.S. - I had a screenshot of the profile with all the training attributes of Kiira but it's gone :x

Death Ball

May 17, 2009
Offseason 2019

Right as the season ends for us, the squad comes to talk about unhappiness with how they don't get along with each other. I promise them I'll deal with it. Many of them will be leaving as so many contracts are reaching the end and I'm not going to keep a squad that so hardly stayed at this low level. I've made a draft of what squad we'll keep for next year to plan transfers, though it may change; I can either let more people go or keep more players, depending on what we can find during summer and their wage demands.

View attachment 23993
View attachment 23992

I am asked about the next preseason length, which shall be the maximum possible and I get a report the youth audit says we're as bad as previous season.

View attachment 23991
View attachment 23990

After a cash injection by the board, bonus pay outs and the announcement of better sponsorship we get the new budgets, which I dump all into wages. We're not financially healthy so I am giving up proper scouting, I'll be offering trials to everyone who will take it. And refuse to pay more than €350p/w, with perhaps up to three key players allowed to get up to €500p/w. Which is one of the reasons I don't want to renew McGurk's contract, that and his shots on target ratio is too low for my liking.

View attachment 23989
View attachment 23988
View attachment 23987
View attachment 23986
View attachment 23985
View attachment 23984

That is the sign to ask for a new coaching course, but the board is made of crooks.

View attachment 23983

Among those trialists I have, before I got to a limit on how much I can offer due to players who won't stay not having left yet and hence their wages still being counted by the financial crew, I get to sign three deals. One who should be our starter right winger, our likely new first choice for the right back and a central midfielder who may be the rotational option to the renewed Wesolowski and Calveley, who are two of the few players who I saw doing good work past season. I would've renewed Angus' loan but his contract with his club ran out and he doesn't want to permanently join us.

View attachment 23981
View attachment 23980
View attachment 23979
View attachment 23978
View attachment 23977

We also got one unexpected out: Addison chose to leave for another team. You can see there's been some backroom staff departures.

View attachment 23976

On some random summer news, we'll start the preseason with the recommended training by the coaches. Training is something I've not dealt much into, I just help around with the schedules decided by the backroom that I generally give the green light to. Expectations will be the minimum the board demands. I am surprised that we get TV money at this low level. We can field five loanees maximum and can't have more than two long term loans.

View attachment 23972
View attachment 23973
View attachment 23974
View attachment 23975

The holidays end with this squad:

View attachment 23970
((Covered: Connor Thomson. The other covered player is a very poor player promoted from the U19 team that won't be seeing a minute of play)).

The month of June approaches its end with the balance back in red, making a coaching course something impossible, if the board ever stopped being crooks.

View attachment 23966

Considering their main problem during the interview seemed to be finances, it's only right they're happy that I got the team into positive balance for a while at least.

View attachment 23967

View attachment 23965

P.S.- I think after this I'll go back to the default skin.

Death Ball

May 17, 2009
Preseason 2019

With the many players that were let go, including those who whined about it, the dressing room atmosphere did improve, though still doesn't feel very good. What didn't improve is the backroom atmosphere, as someone went over my head trying to offer a deal to Obeng.
((Maybe I was checking some comparisons and mistakenly offered him the contract))

View attachment 21916
View attachment 21915
View attachment 21914

The first deals that were done was for three attacking players to join the club. Gooden was given a squad status a bit better than I wished, but considering how hard is to find players, it is not likely we wouldn't give him that kind of time.

View attachment 21912
View attachment 21911
View attachment 21910

With a thin squad as I plan to have, losing Kelly-Evans for more than two months is a problem. At least he picked the injury before even the first preseason friendly, so at least half of the time out will pass before the season begins. He's going to be the starter in the left side.

View attachment 21909

Along with the three bought players, four from the U18 side will be joining the first squad as regulars, as the players that keep coming in trial are even worse than them. Not that I think none of the four can do some job for us, I just wish I had something better in the bench. Obviously I need to keep looking for starters at the back.

View attachment 21908
View attachment 21907
View attachment 21906
View attachment 21905

The penultimate signing is a centreback, thank goodness, who I think is a good catch for the club. He's still not fast, but at least he's strong, can jump high and know where to place himself. He'll be the first choice to go along Cowgill, though there will be rotation to decide that, as Cowgill is already within retirement age.

View attachment 21904

The last has not yet been announced, as the deal is pending the player's signature, but I think we finally found our starter for the right fullback position in Sean Clohesy.

View attachment 21903

That leaves us with a squad that has two players per position, with a few youths to cover for injuries.

View attachment 21902

With that we had a decent preseason, in which we started so-so, being mauled by York and their huge budgets, but then it turned good with an important win against our parent club a couple divisions above.

View attachment 21901

Those results lifted the team morale and confirmed the improvement in atmosphere, the players are looking happier and more talkative.

View attachment 21897
View attachment 21898

For the upcoming season, the bonuses paid are set to the maximum the club can afford to offer. Where will we finish? I don't know, another fight against relegation is very possible. What seems clear is that Telford should be winning the league.

View attachment 21899
View attachment 21900

Finances are in a good shape, with a positive balance at the moment. You may have seen I've given more €300+p/w contracts than I said I'd offer; but considering how hard has been to find players that know what to do with a ball I had to give up on that limit.

View attachment 21895
View attachment 21896

View attachment 21894
She's had slight improvement accross the coaching attributes, with most improving by 1 since she began, with goalkeeping shot stopping going up by two; in the mental attributes, however there's been no change other than the 1 determination increase mentioned from some months before.

Death Ball

May 17, 2009
August 2019

I find kind of annoying that we get the season to begin with such loaded calendar, with two matches per week every week. I couldn't keep a consistent strong eleven in the field and that's surely part of why the results have not been satisfactory. We also paid for the late signing of Clohessy, who had no preseason matches and had to get to work to get fit and integrated in match tactics during competition.

View attachment 19380
View attachment 19379
View attachment 19378

He's also made it straight as vicecaptain of the team, with Wesolowski, who earned his place past season as captain.

View attachment 19377

After the first handful of matches, some of which should've been victories but were thrown by the defenders in the late minutes, I noticed in the post match analyses that offensively we had a problem with how deep most of the midfield was, so I've told both midfielders to move higher up the pitch during the attack. I've also stopped defending so narrow as many of the goals conceded came from players getting the ball out wide and finding space to make a cross before the fullback could get to block it. It seems to work, while we still wasted a win, it's not that we finally began to pick up points, but we've turned to me clearly more dangerous with many more chances created than in previous matches. That's just enough to be as I feared in a fight against relegation, we need to improve a lot still.

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The transfer policy has not been so good that it allowed us to have a growing balance during the month, but good enough to stay in positive figures.

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That makes the board very happy, though unfortunately they seem to listen to the idiotic press that keeps saying I make no changes. They don't understand I don't need a complete overhaul to turn a system that wasn't quite working into another that does and don't even realize how the central pair is now more aggressive in our attacking moves.

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Death Ball

May 17, 2009
September 2019

A quiet month despite having quite a few matches. The only off field event of note is that I insisted on having a coaching course paid and the board agreed to it.

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In the field, the tactical changes did provide an improvement of performance and we missed on a good win against the leaders, followed by a defeat leading to a second possibly from the hurt morale that has us returned to relegation places, which doesn't feel right for the improvement in the performances in terms of quality of play.

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That made it so the players, who had started to be happy, to turn sour again.

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Finances have also turned not so good, but I hope we'll be able to bounce back from it stronger than in our previous jump back to positive balance.

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Death Ball

May 17, 2009
Whelp. With Pathfinder: Kingmaker fixing the loadscreen times, releasing a new campaign DLC, some new games discovered and stuff I've barely gone back to FM19. It's made me lose connection with the save. While it's not impossible to get back into this save, it's not unlikely that this will be the last update, half assed to boot as part of what keeps me away is the nagging feeling of knowing I have screenshots pending to post for quite a while.
If I get the FM itch again I may come back to this, but I think more likely to start something else. Maybe if it comes back strong and I find the mood for it, I may try a proper Moneyball save.

October 2019

I thought this month would be the start of a climb up in the league, since the team has changed quite a bit with the tactical changes. The defensive errors have been patched completely: no more child level errors and the mistakes kept within reasonable levels for a club competing in the FA system. But because we've met some of the top division clubs or some bad luck getting a mistake leading to goal early, results have not reflected the improvement and it's caused a decrease in player morale, which I have barely kept in check.

Missing a dynamics screen showing players opinion of Kiira isn't good, a small red line. Morale is average across the board with a few slightly good and a few slightly bad.
I think it was the previous update she got a course financed.

And to top it off, the attachment thing has failed to upload the images correctly, so I've had to use imgur.
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