Kindy's 3-5-2 / 3-4-1-2 <-> 16 games unbeatable in PRM with Blackpool


Sep 4, 2009
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Hello all. This is my 1st post here so please forgive me if I'm not specific enough or if you think I'm forgetting something that is important to know about the tactic. If you got any questions or if you think I'm wrong with something feel free to comment. I will answer as soon as I can.
The main reason I decided to share my tactic is that I've been accused by one of my best friends (my buddy from Hull) that I'm using a plug-and-play tactic downloaded from here.
This is MY OWN tactic ... made with Tactic Creator ... after days and days of rage and after tons of fail tactics. I swear I was THIS CLOSE of regretting the day I bought this game ... and I am a football manager fan since CM 99/00. Ok now ... enough with long-talks.

About the game

We started the game in CH with 3 similar mid-table teams : Blackpool (me) , Hull and Burnley (2 friends) and we just finished the 6th season with me and Hull in PRM and Burnley promoted in PRM for 2nd time (he also promoted in the 4th season but relegated right after).
This is not a "save and reload game until you get a win". What goes, stays that way ... so you can be sure that my results are legit and I didn't reload game every time until I got a good result.
( We do however reload tons of times when there is a match between me and Hull because ... for some reason ... this stupid Steam keeps dropping either me or Hull from server when we hit the "Match" button, right before the match starts ... and you don't want your assistant to play a direct match like that :p. I HATE STEAM !!! )

Game Status :

About the Tactic

The main purpose of this tactic (the 3-5-2 one) is not loosing with big teams and/or conceding as few as possible. Although we are in 6th season and I have some decent players and some good regens ... big teams like Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City or Spurs still got better players and they can EASILY hammer you with 5-0. Therefore this tactic kinda lacks in scoring goals.
The playing idea is get the ball back and keep it as far as possible. For a more attacking style I convert it in a 3-4-1-2 with a MC in AMC position and a direct passing style. This one I'm using it only when playing against lower team or when I really need that winning goal.
This tactic is made only for my players. There is a high change that this will not work as plug-and-play. I didn't had time to test it with other teams and I'm really sorry if this will not work for you. Few tweaks may be needed.

Formations & Team Instructions

3-5-2 :
3-5-2 Team Instructions :

3-4-1-2 :
3-4-1-2 Team Instrucitons :

Players Roles and my best eleven

Position / Role / Duty : My player

GK / Goalkeeper / Defend :
DCR / Ball Playing Defender / Defend :
DC / Limited Defender / Defend :
DCL /Ball Playing Defender / Defend :
MR / Wide Midfielder / Support :
MCR / Advanced Playmaker / Attack :
MC / Ball Winning Midfielder / Defend :
MCL / Deep Lying Playmaker / Support :
ML / Wide Midfielder / Attack :
STCR / Poacher / Attack :
STCL / Deep Lying Forward / Attack :
For 3-4-1-2 the MCR is moved in AMC position with Attacking Midfielder Role and Attack Duty and also the MR is set on Attack duty.

Set Pieces : Default (same for both tactics)
​Opposition Instructions : None

Team Talks : Ask Assistant
Sometimes when I win and assistant says "Have nothing to say" I ignore that and praise the team.

Shouts : I occasionally use Get ball forward and Play trough defense after 60th min if I'm favorite and I don't have advantage on scoreboard.


Team : i will update it soon because is end of season break.
Individual :
Coaches :

League Table, Results and Matches

Before using this Tactics :
After (first game I use it was with Stoke) :
League Table :
vs Chelsea :
vs Man Utd :
vs Liverpool :
vs Arsenal :
vs Tottenham :
vs West Ham :
vs Hull :

PS : I would like to pay some respect to Raikan007 and TBH ... I appreciate your work ... Keep it up guys.