Kit pack and logo pack for FM 2009?

Jan 25, 2012
I remember, last time I played, I used to have this massive graphics pack, but I foolishly deleted it a while ago.
Before anyone argues about my stupidity, I'd like to ask where can I find multiple nation kit and logo packs.

I Googled around and found this list of kits: [FMG'09] - Topico Oficial - Clube Manager Portugal | FM2012
The problem is, all these links redirect to a domain called and, whenever I click them, it only shows a screen saying "Site under construction".
As for the logos, I found this one here:
But it redirects to a dead link in FMRO, and looking at their main page, it seems that they no longer work with FM 2009.
And, about downloads anywhere else, they all give me dead links. Plus, the torrents I get have absolutely no seeds.

Can anyone please help me out with this?

Grateful in advance.
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