Dec 26, 2010
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I have a bit of a problem. On any tactics page, I can't see any of the kits of players. Any help greatly appreciated.

Will try and get a screen shot up in a min...
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Sometimes, somthing simple as closing and then re-opening FM can solve this.
supersaltyslud do you have any downlaods that don't work??? delete them if they don't work

if it still doesn't work if you havent got the latest patch install it
I havnt donwnloaded anything for the game

my copy is on steam so it should auto update
I have the same problem but I dont have a graphics folder :s
Alryte mate - I have the exact same problem. I cant see the kits, or the players images on the attributes page or the crest at the top right of the screen - I also have no graphics folder in my sports interactive folder in my documents?? but then again neither does my brother and his is fine........??
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