Kit Request Please for Paganese 100th year kit ( 2026 season in serie A )


Jan 28, 2010
Hello all,

Just wondering if someone can supply me with a home and away kit for Paganese's 100th year as a club.

The current colour scheme seem for this would be a blue with white triming for the home kit and a white with blue for the away

Would be looking for the kits to look as plain as possible, no sponsors or anything, jus the the following text centered white stylish italics where the teams badge would go ( like teams have for comenrative kits ).

Paganese Calcio 1926

~ 1926 - 2026 ~

To gain an idea of what the kits should look like please refer to the image below ( the original 1926 kit ). As you can see its plain blue with double white circles around the botton of the sleeves, and a double white v-neck linging for the neck area.

Summary =
Team: Paganese
Kits: Home, Away
Style : SS
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