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Jul 9, 2006
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I just though I would post a new thread because I couldnt find the existing one. Got all the detail of all next seasons kits etc...

Here is the new Fulham kit:


Team name//Kit Manufacturer//Kit Sponsers//Notes

Arsenal Nike Emirates New away kit in classic cream colour in tribute to former manager, Herbert Chapman.

Aston Villa Nike 32Red Nike takes over from hummel. New crest design.

Birmingham City Umbro F&C Investments Lonsdale dropped as kit sponsors as Umbro come in. F&C Investments replaces flybe as sponsors. "Penguin" shirt design returns.

Blackburn Rovers Lonsdale Bet 24 Minor alterations to home kit. New red and black halved away kit.
Bolton Wanderers Reebok Reebok New home kit.

Chelsea adidas Samsung New away kit.

Derby County adidas Derbyshire Building Society adidas replaces Joma with new home and away kits.

Everton Umbro Chang Beer New home and away kit designs.

Fulham Nike LG Nike replaces Airness as kit maker; LG replaces Pipex as shirt sponsor. There will be an all-white home shirt [1]

Liverpool adidas Carlsberg New white away kit. Third kit to be released in pre-season.

Manchester City le coq sportif Thomas Cook Reebok replaced by French sports kit makers. White shorts replace sky blue in home kit, with shirt having white pinstripes. New indigo away kit.

Manchester United Nike AIG New home shirt still to be released, and altered away kits expected.

Middlesbrough Errea TBD Sponsor will be announced on 7 July 2007 replacing New crest design.

[Newcastle United adidas Northern Rock New home jersey with solid black back. New away kit.

Portsmouth Canterbury of New Zealand Oki Rugby jersey manufacturer Canterbury replaces Jako.

Reading Puma Kyocera New hooped away kit.

Sunderland Umbro Another change from Lonsdale to Umbro; Reg Vardy out as sponsor. Away kit is all white with red and black trimmings, very similar to england shirt.

Tottenham Hotspur Puma Mansion Casino Celebrates 125th season; home strip to change to all white - navy blue and yellow kits to carry Chinese Mandarin version of the Mansion logo. Halved white and light blue throwback to be worn on anniversary date.

West Ham United Umbro XL Airways Reebok replaced by Umbro; JobServe out as sponsor. New Home, Away and goalkeeper shirts to be unveiled.

Wigan Athletic Umbro JJB Sports New Home, Away and Third Kit. JJB replaced by Umbro as kit maker; remains as sponsor
Was gonna make a thread earlier, couldn't be bothered though. :D
How ugly is Jimmy Bullard. Worse than Ian Dowie
Its well like Spurs kit :eek:

And that says we're getting a new home kit, but I'm pretty sure we're not cos we've only had this one for a season. I think we'll be getting a new third one to replace the blue one though.
New Fulham shirt is the ***, annoyed Boro didn't have a vote for the away shirt, means it will be **** prob...hope not.
Can't wait to see our adidas strip, haven't had a good kit supplier since Puma before we were relegated.

Apparently it looks better in person. Think I'll probably get it with Mascherano or Kuyt on the back.
Spurs are getting 4 new kits next season...





Two 'rumoured' to be the next Man utd kits (Source - Lebonese Man Utd Fansite)



And people have been saying this is the new arsenal away kit...****-shirt.jpg
I'd love our kit to be in the same design as the Liverpool away, but with black instead obviously. ;)
One of the Spurs tops looks like its made out of leather
Gerrard and 'cramp' Carragher.


I dunno what this is?

The back of the Man utd and Newcastle kits, with 'the new letters and numbers'


And Huntelaar showing off the new ajax kit :irked: He says he wants to stay in Holland and get expierience before he moves on to a bigger club. ()Man utd!!)
heres the new wolves away kit, i will probably get it as the shirt i got at the moment is like 2/3 seasons old.

That blue and white halves Spurs kit is hideous tbh. No kit apart from Fulham looks nice so far lol.
i think they sed on soccer am its a kit that will only be worn once all season
Man Utd are apparantly getting 3 new shirts according to what megastore online says, home away 3rd 06/07. I thought we would be keeping home for 2 seasons but kitbag says were getting another one.

What's the point in 4 kits, 3's bad enough sometimes but 4 >_> the white and blue half one is terrible, their home one would be the only good one if that's what they end up with.
And people have been saying this is the new arsenal away kit...****-shirt.jpg

I have seen pictures saying that its gona be yellow/gold again...but that does looks pretty alrite and have seen it on other sites....

bit uninventive tho...just swapped the ****** colours...
Two 'rumoured' to be the next Man utd kits (Source - Lebonese Man Utd Fansite)



Not liking this ket too much lets hope its not the final one. although the back veiw looks ok
Chelsea are gonna have a new away kit or 3rd kit, one of the two, but the megastore page is down so i cant see it. I think its Bright yellow like a builders jacket or like Barcalona away kit last season.