Mr Mojo Risin

Feb 10, 2011
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Hey guys i'd like to have a personalized kit for Flamengo can anyone help my on this?

erm.....does this really require two threads?
Telling my mum on you after what you just called me :'(
Theres a few kit request threads on site...Use the search function mate..
Kevnaylor makes some nice ones. Try use the search function instead of creating a thread mate.
i was refering to myself, as i still don't know how to move around here. I just registered on this forum.

Can you help me with the kits i would like to create one for my flamengo team?
I'd do what Steve said tbh. Never made me own, had no need to.
Oh sorry,didnt know thats what you meant...
I actually dont know how to make kits but if you leave StuW a message he might tell you how to. Pretty sure you need photoshop though :)

Also seen you made a request on the link i gave you. Go back to the first page of it and use the template provided as it will make it easier to make the kits for you. If you need any more help just leave me a message.