Knap's FM20 Tactics vol 2

Knap's FM20 Tactics vol 2 2

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Thanks for sharing new tactics here, the thread over at SI has become very hard to keep up with.
ok thanks mate.. i'll try this tactic.. before i used your "Sympathy for the devil 4123" with Southampton (position 4), the strikers score less.. hope this version improved for the striker
Hey knap with which tactic did you score most goals? Or the striker scored the most goals?
FM 20 appears similar to FM 19, so at the moment only 1 thread on SI.

Apart from very new tactics the FM 20 Tactics are in the OP, so no need to wade through thread and New tactics are shown at top.

In FM 19 all the tactics worked for Kingstonian in VNS. Those that made more than 100 pts are shown against the FM 19 tactics as recommended for LL.