Oct 25, 2010
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Hey guys so I struggle with knowing when to sell players. I just feel that maybe one more season could show some results however deep down I know it's wishful thinking. What do you guys look for when you KNOW to sell your excess players? Do you wait till they're 21, 22, or such and see if they have any bolded statistics that fit your liking to their position? Maybe see if the player's value reaches a certain number by a certain age?
It really depends what sort of team you are playing with. For instance, I tend to play with teams who have lower reputations and are naturally selling clubs. After a few seasons, I tend to scout constantly for Regens who I can buy, play a bit then sell on without affecting the overall strength of the squad and bringing vital money in.

If I was playing with a Chelsea type team, I would probably keep them arounnd longer to see how they can develop as getting money in the door is less of an issue.
When you mentioned ages 21/22 I assume you're talking about selling youth players? I use mine as backup to the first 11 and bench as they're on low wages and don't complain. When I bring players through from my youth, if they've left the yth team at 18/19 and still aren't even good enough to make my backup, they probs never will be challenging for a first team place so I loan/sell them at that age.

You could always negotiate a sell on clause of up to 25% incase they turn out unreal and get sold on for massive money.
My handling of youth is pretty straightforward. Get the best regens for the least money, as young as possible. Leave them play for U20s as long as they are eligible. If they cut it into first team great. If not they go to reserves, and I try to loan them out as playing next to 5 games in reserves is hardly beneficial. If they don't want to go on loan I sell them with 50% of next sale clause. I also try to avoid them leaving on frees.
But the 50% of next transfer really allows me not to think too much, as I profit from any future development.