Jun 30, 2011
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4-4-2 Fast, Fluid, Beast - By Koen/ChristianEriksen

Hi again, I've made a new tactic for Football Manager 2013. This time, it's a fast, fluid, 4-4-2 beast. I hope you enjoy this tactic.



The results











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What do you need?

Most of the goals and attacking movements are coming from side and centrum. It is a fluid tactic and attackers and midfielders moving across the field, switching from posititons. There is a lot of free creativity for the wide midfielders and the right striker.

The defenders are on man mark. They need to stay close too the opponents attackers and have to tackle a lot. The backs are coming up very often and will make some goals and assits in a season. Attacking skills will be appreciated.

The central midfielders are both controlling midfielders. Both will make a lot of assists but the have to control the game by good passing and win the ball by good tackling. The left central midfielder is the more defensive one and the right CM is the attacking one. The side midfielders are making actions by speed and need to cross the ball or score after a good action. Good wingers are Valencia (Yes? Yeah! at my game) and Florenzi. Of course there are much more good side midfielders. I played with Nani but he always shoots for himself and doesn't pass or cross the bal. That type of midfielders doesn't work for this tactic. They have to play for the team!

What type of striker at what position? Doesn't mind, look down here. They all score and give assists!



Benefits of the tactic

- With this tactic you will dominate most of your games, home and away.
- High pressure because you will get the ball quickly back in possession.
- Strong in standard situations.

Tactics help
- I play with standard or big pitch size.
- Instructions opponent, I do not use them.
- Team Training is on 'balanced' (average) and preparatory training, I let my assistant do that or on 'defensive positioning'.
- I do not use shouts.


At the link below you can find a manager who is playing with Wolves, using this tactic. (This it not me)


3.0 Combination - Koen 442 beast.tac

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I will test this tactic in english premier , soon result

set time spent for general training and match training ?
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Tactic is absolute beast. Just tick the counter-attack and u will win easily..
The defense is probably best i have seen. I just see opponents getting shut out
Early days, but it seems to be the best tactic I've used so far. Getting a good amount of CCCs.
it looks great m8 ill give it a try : ) any suggestions about team talks?
will give this a try with my boston utd save when i get home , will update how it goes :) looks super. *In BSP*
What stats for players we need to look at ?
Classical stats for each position ?
WOW! People are having some cracking results with this already! Will have to give it a go.
Testing it with Aston Villa first season with LFCMarshall 3.3 update.
I change my tactic for this beast mid-season...
Will post results at the end.

I'm managing Espanyol, and it seems works great!!