Koflok's 3-2-5 'Finally not a Barca tactic' Tactic


Nov 22, 2008
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*This probably will be a plug and play tactic with one-time minor player-adjustment tweaks (if necessary)
** If you are looking to have an exciting match all-around with high scoring games and lots of key plays in the game then this is the tactic for you.
If you are looking for clean sheets, don't even bother trying this out

Hey guys, it's that time of the year again where I'm pretty much bored at the FM and starting to play it either rarely and 'abnormally'. I've gone through the not-playing-FM-anymore period and now that I begin to play 'abnormally', this tactic happens. (If you get this what I meant from this paragraph, consider yourself awesome.)

And before I get any further, I just want to clear things up that I don't hate on the Barca tactics scattered around the internet - it's just there has been very many of them. I love Barca - they're my favourite team - and the way they're playing but hey.. Well kudos on you guys who tried to duplicate what they are doing into FM though - very hard stuffs - I even doubt the way they play IRL can be emulated perfectly. And come on, the title's catchy right? :D

Ok so enough blablas, here is
The Formation

As you can see a very attacking and complex tactic..
The Defense:
1 Central Defender,
Pace and Acceleration, Tackling, Anticipation, Marking, Positioning, Heading and Jumping, Concentration, Teamwork, Decision
1 DMC Anchor Man, Tackling, Work Rate, Marking, Stamina, Strength, Determination, Heading (Passing is a plus)
2 Supporting Fullbacks, Acceleration and Pace, Marking, Tackling, Work Rate, Stamina, Crossing, Teamwork
They have the main responsibility to, well, defend. All player's role is pretty obvious, central defend is the last man making those crucial challenges, anchorman tries to soak up the attack and breaks them down before it reaches the heart of defense and fullback cover the wide areas.

Having 3 man defense increases the opportunity to pull off a highly effective offside trap as the defense line is easier to be coordinated. The fullbacks; since they are on support duty, will be a bit higher up the pitch. Therefore making the central defender almost solely responsible in making the opponent in an offside position. So far it has been very good as many of opponent's attack have been stopped due to the offside trap. As the general of defense, he has to be obviously good at it. Teamwork is important on the back 3 to make the offside even more effective.

However since it will not always be successful, the central defender have to be pacy to cover the ground to intercept the pass or make a last minute tackle. A good sweeper keeper that can rush out and gather the ball as it gets to his area is also recommended.

The Link:
1 Central Midfielder Playmaker ,
Passing, Creativity, First Touch, Decision, Dribbling/Flair, Teamwork. (Marking and tackling is a plus)
*(the fullbacks and center forward also responsible on this)

So here's where things get tricky. Due to the unusual concept of the formation, possession is key. You will want to have as much as possession so that not only the team have good attacking opportunities but so that the defense - which is the main weakness of this tactic I admit - is not exploited that much as well. Therefore, not only quantity but more importantly effectiveness of the distribution is essential. I've been playing around and decided to develop a passing style that is 'short at the back, direct at the front'

Basically what the tactic do is the 3+1 back players will keep the ball short - passing between them. Note that because the d-line is high, they won't be playing way that deep to your own area; so no worries on 'playing on your own field way too long'. By keeping it short, they keep possession as well as soaking opposition into your own area, which is what you want because you want to take advantage from outnumbering your opponent up front.

When opportunity arises, the ball will eventually go to your main link playmaker which is the central midfielder. Here is the pivotal role since the central midfielder have to decide whether he wants to hold up the ball and keep playing possession, spread it to the wing to open space or when possible, play a direct killer ball to the front either directly or linking with the deep striker. That is why the playmaker is a very important player.

Most of the time when the ball is played to the front - either to the wing or middle - the 5 front players will already have outnumber or at least stretch the defense which will allow them to attack more dangerously.

The Attack:
A central 'false 9' Striker,
Dribbling, Creativity, Passing, First Touch, Decision, Technique, Teamwork, Strength (Long shot is a plus)
2 Poachers , Speed and Agility, Finishing, Dribbling, Off the Ball, Composure, Anticipation
2 Inside Forwards , Dribbling, Flair, Agility, Passing, Off the Ball, Decision, Creativity, Speed, Teamwork

Okay so here is where things get fun. This is the strongest area of your team since you are pretty much outnumbers the opponent at this last third of the field.

So each player has a role in this unit. The central forward is a false 9 which will drop deep and link up with the MC-wingers; the inside forwards are supporting the 3 forwards cutting inside from wide to destroy the defend and flick a little through ball to an open man and the 2 'wide' strikers are moving along the channels to find free space while the opponent concentrates on the 'other 3 attackers'.

With this advantage of a man or two, I decided to try something new - which I would like to call as 'space creation play' (lame I know :p). When the ball is played forward by the MC, the play will be a little bit like this:

The false 9 drop deep almost to an AMC position, holding up the ball to look for opportunities for through ball or spread it wide to the wing - making him almost the 'brain' of the attacking five. Therefore you need a good trequartista-type of player here. Dropping deep actually draws at least 1 or sometimes 2 of the central defender to close him down - almost making the 2 'wide' strikers, who roams on the channel, free unmarked. While that happen the wingers' off the ball movement is also essential as he will do some dummy running to push the fullbacks behind to their own area and away from the strikers.

As the defenders are now spread widely, with the fullbacks back on their area and the central defenders a bit up the pitch, the false 9 can play a through ball to the strikers which are free and actually not on offside because of the positioning of the opp's fullbacks. If that doesn't happen he can play it wide for the wingers to dribble or play a one-touch triangle pass to the strikers.

Well basically when you got to an attacking position, it will be fun to watch as some reviews has said.

Underlined means key players in the tactic. There they should be the main priorities when searching for players to buy or at least you have to have someone good at that position
and you don't really have to fulfill ALL the attributes criteria. That's just a rough picture what a 'perfect' player in that position will have.


Okay so part of my playing abnormally condition is creating a custom team on League 1 - similar with FM-Base FC. I have the players on my team on similar CAs with the player on League 1
and then create a 'harder' editor data files which basically adds every player (130 CA and above as well as players from League 1 upwords) ability pretty significantly.

Basically I got a team with the media prediction of being 19th

I haven't been playing that much but here isThe Result(so far)

No surprise there I leak goals but scoring a bunch of em as well. The front 3 in particular have been very productive and play beautifully.



Download Bomb The Plane Tactic


Use the maximum pitch
Again, I haven't play that much and not even with a normal team.
So I don't even know whether it is actually a good tactic or not.

So do why I share it? I don't know, sharing is caring? :p

Amazingly fun tactic to watch in-game...the only gripe I have with it so far is when your fixtures start to get congested you really need good depth at striker. Also, my CM has gotten really tired so you need some depth there as well. Amazingly fun tactic to use, but also will unnerve you when you have Ronaldo running at you on a counterattack!

Major opponent results:
Barca away 1-1; Schalke home 2-1; CSKA Moscow home 1-2; Real away 2-4...absolutely destroys mediocre competition, but those world-class teams and players can get you!

Strongly advise people to try it out, will get you interested in the game again for sure!

Cheers thanks for testing it out. Yeah having a world-class player running towards you especially on counter attack can be unnerving but when you got the ball up front your team will be fierce as well due to the attack unit plays which I explained above. That way we'll get an exciting match all around to watch - which is what I'm trying to achieve from this tactic. :D
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Koflok- hmmm I'm sure I've tasted a cereal with this name, just post the download link and let people give you some feedback for you to fine tune the tactic, so you can get a bigger fans pool from around the world.
looks, well. rather abnormal but will be eager to try it for myself, someday.......
testing. I've uploaded the tactic which I will give the link in a few sec in the OP.

I haven't finish the OP - mainly on explaining the 3 'stages' of the tactic as well as player needed.

SO yeah for now if you want to try with limited knowledge of the tactic that's fine. But I encourage to know at least how it'll work.



Decided to 'officially' call it as Bomb the Plane due to the ultra-attacking nature of the tactic.
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Hi Koflok.

How does having one centre back affect the amount of goals conceded? :)
In this tactic, do your wingers score alot? because I'm using it currently and mine are! :)
Here it is


Download Bomb The Plane Tactic

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Hi Koflok.

How does having one centre back affect the amount of goals conceded? :)

Actually yes, obviously.
But I have setup an defensive mechanism which allows my defender to perform quite well with the 3+1 defensive system.

Sacrificing 1 man for defend for an extra attacker (for me) is worthed it.
I've 'calculated' extra goals scored from having that 1 extra attacker compared to less goals conceded, the benefit is leaning toward the early one. So yeah, since it is an ultra-attacking tactic anyways, defend is not a major focus.

Just for a little info, I got 9 clean sheets in 20ish matches. 1 in 3 games.

In this tactic, do your wingers score alot? because I'm using it currently and mine are! :)

Yes. The wingers are very productive in term of goals and assists
I rotate 3 wingers.
Just say A in 20(2) scores 9, assists 8
B in 12(4) scores 6, assists 10
C in 9(4) scores 4, assists 8

Not that spectacular scoring 1 from 2 games but that's because the scoring is the main responsibility of the 1+2 strikers - having 42 goals scored between them in ~15 matches.
will test with Hereford as usual and let u know mate :)
Still updating on the first post.

Just added a player needed attributes section
Screen shot?
Just ignore users like that. Have encounter a lot of em. :p

Doubt he will provide one considering probably he didn't even test it out :p


Not saying this tactic is actually good or anything.

come on socceroos!
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