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Nov 22, 2008
Hey guys, if anyone remembers me, I'm back..
Too lazy to write anything right now... Will do it later.

(Football Manager 11.1)

Version 5 updated !!! @ 12 January 2011

Read this, please!
If you are just looking for plug and suddenly go 'OMFGNOOBPWND by lower team. Sucks!' or just feels like bashing me around.
I assume if you download this tactic you are either willing to tweak as accordingly or accept defeat if you're too lazy-*** to do anything

Read through the first post. You need to know these 3 stuffs before using the tactic
1. The players needed
2. Pre-game Match Preparation
3. Opposition Instructions on Matches

Seriously? You're reading this?
You deserve a candy. :D

The formation

Current Save: Hercules - 2nd in La Liga, Spanish Cup Champion

and my striker, Kadlec has been really sick!

Players information
  • Sweeper Keeper : Just put a guy who can throw himself around to make sure no ball is going in into your net

    Wingbacks : Provide the wide play for the team. They will go up and down the field so speed is needed. Being able to cross is a plus
    Attributes: Acceleration, Pace, Work Rate, Marking, Tackling, Crossing

    Right Central Defender : The 'big' strong header one. Usually scores from set play
    Attributes: Jumping, Heading, Strength, Positioning

    Left Central Defender : The partner in crime on the back. Must have speed and anticipation for last-second clearing
    Attributes: Marking, Tackling, Acceleration, Anticipation

    Anchor Man : Sit deep to break down attacks from the opponent
    Attributes: Tackling, Work Rate, Stamina, Marking, Anticipation

    Right Central Midfielder; The Playmaker : Fabregas-like player. Maestro-ing the play from central midfielder. Dribbling to the heart of the defense and provide that flick-ons to the frontman.
    Attributes: Dribbling, Creativity, Passing, Decision, Technique

    Left Central Midfielder; Box to Box : Think Wilshere. An attacking minded midfielder who connects the back to the front and mainly provide simple passes to the front or the playmaker. Also partly responsible to stop attacks up high
    Attributes: Passing, Dribbling, Balance, Creativity, Tackling, Teamwork

    Inside Forwards : Main players of the team. Run past defenders and provide through balls or get behind the defender to receive diagonal passes. Long shot is a major plus. Must be able to finish.
    Attributes: Dribbling, Agility, Flair, Acceleration, Pace, Off the Ball, Passing, Decision, Finishing, Long Shot

    Deep lying Striker : Also a major player Your speedy-agile-balance-crazy-complete striker. Usually run from deep with or without the ball and pass the ball into the net. Heading is a plus. Train him to place shots.
    Attributes: Finishing, Agility, Dribbling, Acceleration and Pace, Anticipation, Composure, Off the Ball, Balance

Match Preparations and Training
Tactic is best applied to the team in the beginning of preseason.
That way they have time to gel with the tactics through training and friendlies.

In the Match Preparation only 1 tactic is on - that is this tactic.
Workload is on (Very High) at least until 'Tactic Familiarity' of 'Current' is at least on 'accomplished' (or better yet Fluid).
and put none in special focus area - unless if you're signing new players use team blend.

That way the tactic is adapted faster to the team. Probably after 2 months or so everything is fluid and you can put it on average with either Attacking Movement or Defensive Positioning as special focus depends on the difficulty of the next match.

  1. The default playmaker is the right midfielder. But if you got a very good winger who is the 'star' of your team (Messi in Barcelona, Douglas Costa in my Hercules, for example) - set his role as Advanced Playmaker (Attack) and the right midfielder as Central Midfielder (Support). That way he dribbles with the ball more and more likely to create better chances.
  2. If your wingers and/or right central midfielder got good long shot (16+) and decision attribute, make him long shot on mixed
  3. This is still a hypothesis. But if you got a really good dribbler for your striker. Try making him on 'support' that way he will go deeper and dribble the ball more
  4. Play around with the tempo, width and defensive line. Who knows you might find a better result compared to this default settings

Opposition Instructions credit to mara.sustai @FM-Base. Here (with Bayern conceded 1 per 5 games)
- Tight Marking & Closing Down : Always to
Wingers (LM, RM, AML, AMR) and Attacking Midfielders (AMC)

- Show onto foot
to Inverted wingers - put to the 'wrong' foot. (e.g. Messi cut inside from the right using left foot - show hin onto the right foot)
to players who have 'right only' or 'left-only' preferred foot - put to weaker foot.

Download Goals Galore 2011 v5

Older version
- Goals Galore 2011.0 - BETA

Change logs
Drill cross
Normal d-line
More - just a little- time wasting
Mentality defender (like standard mentality)
More Creative freedom wingers
Man marking fullback - no tight
Man marking central defender - tight
Less crossball for winger
Central midf minor tweakings
More attacking fullbacks
4.0 (BETA)
Attacking inside forwards 
New combination of central midfielders (box to box and 'Iniesta-ish' advanced playmaker)
Defend-Stopper combo on defense
Wider playing style
Other tweakings on team instructions and stuff
My To-Do List
1. Find consistency especially on away-matches
2. Create a balanced settings for CCC and possession from width, d-line and tempo
3. Individual's mentality and passing style tweakings
4. Find even more attacking dimension than it's already now
5. Killing of games against small teams

Some results..

Creator's Final Comment
First of all thank you for the interest of this just-decent tactic. Appreciate it a lot.
I hope it works out good for you guys.
Make sure to test it a couple games first though, especially since the implementation of match-preparation system.

Feel free to discuss everything in this thread.
I welcome all sorts of constructive comments.
From thank yous, to results, to even constructive criticism.

Again, I encourage you guys to give some tweakings on your own which you think could improve this tactic.
I will definitely take a look at it and apply it if it's successful.

And oh yeah one more thing..
Haters.. go to ****. If you feel just like hating and bash me, leave now.


Koflok said:
It has only been a week and I've been having a lot of good feedback from all the users contributing to this thread which have enable me to improve the tactic drastically (I hope).

Thanks for all of you who downloaded it, tested it, giving me feedback and results and especially those who contributes to all the tweakings. I can't really mention one by one but you know you guys are.

Seriously with no such feedback the tactic would not even be half as good as it is now. So really, credit to all of you who check it out,
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Nov 22, 2008
how many games into the season are you pretty good results there.
I've actually just gotten into early December. It's still pretty early really that's why I don't want to rush in uploading the tactic.

It was,at first, a tactic I developed for my Barcelona save on the demo and since basically it's not hard to win everything with Barca. So. I decided to tweak a little here and there so that attacking tiki-taka-like football can be played on a lower team.

But anyway it's still pretty early on the development, so I'll share something soon just to kick something off and updates sure will come for tweaks and fixes.


Jun 15, 2010
I would love to test it out for u on another team if u wish and give u my feedback... so if u need any help just send me a link


Sep 23, 2010
I am very curious about this tactic! How can you get so many goals from that is a mystery to me.. bring it on man! :)


Nov 22, 2008
Thanks guys for the offer but I'm not gonna use testers like last time.
I'm just gonna upload it after I'm done with some slight tweaking which should not take long


I am a biased ****.
Jan 21, 2009
He has said he does not want any testers, stop spamming the thread asking if you can test it. I generally create my own tactics however I may give this a go :)


Nov 6, 2010
I saw that he used a letf winger in right side, and a right winger in letf side. Maybe its a guardiola system ^^