Oct 5, 2010
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Tuesday, 6th July 2010
The 'Promotion
My moment had finally arrived. Sitting down in the manager's office, I sat and stared at Peter Reid, the new manager, expecting him to tell me some tragic news - my cat had just died? My house had been burned down? He had terminated my contract? But no, the news was good.
"The first thing I did when I got here was look at the youth team and the reserves. I asked Paul (Mariner) who the best youth player was." He said. "He said you. He said that you've been consistently scoring goals for the u18's and the reserves. I looked at your record, and it's very impressive."
I smiled, and said "Thankyou." I was flattered.
"As a result of these performances, I've decided to move you to the first team. Training starts tomorrow." Suddenly the sun came out from behind the clouds, and I nearly jumped for joy. After years of practicing and trying to impress in the u18's and reserves, I'm was finally there - the first team!

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Wednesday, 7th July 2010
A little bit about me
Well training starts at half ten, and it's nine now, so I guess I've got a bit of time to talk about myself. Seems kind of stupid, considering I'm writing this to myself, but ahh well.
I was born on the 6th April, 1992, which makes me 18 going on 19 next year. I was named Kurt after the lead singer of Nirvana - Kurt Cobain. I was only two when he blew his brains out, so I can't remember anything about him or the band at that time, but I love them now.
Most people go on about a sort of 'rags to riches' lifestyle when it comes to football, but for me, that's not really the case. I was brought up in a reasonably wealthy family, not rich but not poor either. My two older brothers, (Dave and Kris, also named after the other two members in Nirvana) in fact, have gone on to have very good and well paid professions - one's a criminal psychiatrist, and the other is a forensic scientist.
I've always had a passion for football and particularly Plymouth Argyle. I just love them, even though they may not be the best football team in the world.
I started playing in their centre of excellence when I was 10, after getting scouted on a saturday morning u'11s match. Seems like only yesterday.
I play as a striker, and some might say my best attributes are my finishing, speed and on the ball ability.
I failed quite badly in school, because I'm very passionate about football and it's all I've ever really been concerned about. I got a gcse in english literature and religious studies but that's about it.
I've got a part time job behind the till at Primark, which isn't very good in terms of pay, but oh well, I get £500 a week from football.
As I write this, Craig Noone (who I now share an apartment with) is getting ready for training. I can't wait to get started with the rest of the lads!

Just come home from training. It was a very good session, actually. Peter Reid made me feel at home, along with the other lads and the coaches. No one went easy on me, which is what I like, as I don't feel as undermined. I think it went well. I think I fit in with the lads and, ability wise, I could be pushing for a first team place. Of course it would be stupid to think that after just one training session, but maybe....
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great start mate, I'll be following this. Interesting to know that Kurt Cobain didn't commit suicide though XD

I was only two when I blew his brains out

I don't think I could ever forgive you for killing that genious!​
great start mate, I'll be following this. Interesting to know that Kurt Cobain didn't commit suicide though XD

I don't think I could ever forgive you for killing that genious!​

Jesus christ that went wrong oO) Must have been asleep or something :p

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Friday, 9th July 2010
Pulling my weight around.
Well, match preparation began today, and we focused on attacking movement, mainly. Two hours of fitness work to start off with though. Most of the lads literally breezed through the (very) long distance runs, the sprints from one touchline to the other and then jogging back (20 of those), the weight lifting. I didn't though. I struggled a lot, I have to say. My young body wasn't really up to it, and I was left desparately trying to catch up with the others. Still, the lads didn't take the **** out of me, which is good. All of that starts next week apparently. Brilliant!

Saturday, 10th July 2010
Strike Partner
Not as much fitness work today - only an hour! A lot more on the ball stuff, which I am best at. I had a real chance to show what I could do yesterday, and I think I did well. Training isn't too bad to be honest. I've been put in the 'strikers' schedule, so I only train with the strikers, and occasionally the other lads, with stuff like fitness. It's supposed to be so that we can get to know one-another, which will help off the pitch, but most importantly, on it too. I've been getting to know Bradley Wright-Phillips. Quality guy he is. Apparently he will be my strike partner this season. I'm not sure about that on a tactical perspective - maybe having to finishers isn't the best thing to do. I would rather see someone who will hold up the ball and bring me into play playing alongside me. But it's not too bad. He's a good guy so I'll look 'forward' to playing with him.

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Sunday, 11th July 2010
Not Selected
I'm a little disappointed that I wasn't selected for the team today (not even the bench). But I did understand when Mr. Reid said "The idea of pre-season is that everyone gets fit in time for the new season. We need to play everyone, so you're not going to get selected for some of these."

Monday, 12th July 2010
Day in town
Well we had the day off today, so me and Craig decided to go into town. We're not supposed to tell Peter Reid, but we may have just sneaked in a cheeky little big mac while we were at it.
I have to say, I did find it amusing the amount of people that came up to Craig to chat, or to get an autograph or whatever. I felt like saying, "Hey man, I'm an Argyle player too!" But I can't imagine the look they would have gave me!

Tuesday, 13th July 2010
Didn't get selected again today, so I decided to go to my other job - working behind the till of Primark. It was relatively quiet, but the thing is I've got no one to talk to at Primark. I don't like any of the people there. Most of them are middle aged women with nothing better to talk about than who kissed who on eastenders last night, or the new special offer at Lidl. It's enough to drive me insane. So looking forward to training on Thursday.

Thursday, 15th July 2010
A refresh from Primark
Training felt so good today in light of my day at work on Tuesday and my day in bed yesterday (even if it was 2 hours fitness and defensive positioning). Now it's just getting selected on Sunday that's left (hopefully).[/COLOR]

Sunday, 18th July 2010
The First Game
Played Wigan today at home, and I STARTED!! It was great when Peter told me I was starting, I was so happy. We played a 4-5-1, me being the lone striker. The game itself, however, wasn't that great.
Wigan pretty much dominated, and should have been at least 3 or 4-0 up by half time. I remember getting two good chanced in that half, both of which I had by back to goal, swivelled on the ball and turned their defender, and shot. Unfortunately, I hit it straight at the keeper both times. Rodallega also scored a fantastic goal, beating 4 or 5 of our defenders and then slotting it home. They also missed a penalty, which was lucky.
Not a lot happened after that, and I was substituted for Rory (Fallon) on the 61st minute.
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Tuesday, 20th July 2010
Learn to Drive
Already, Craig is getting ****** off at me because he has to give me a lift everywhere. So this morning, I decided that I would learn to drive. I rung up some driving instructor company and arranged a schedule of every Sunday (my day off, usually). It will cost me approximately £205 for the course, which lasts two months. That's a lot of money, so I better pass my test first time!

Friday, 23rd July 2010
I sighed in disbelief as Peter Reid read out the team sheet, and I wasn't even on the bench, again. I thought I'd done pretty well against Wigan considering they're a premiership side. It's getting a little annoying now - if I knew that I would be getting a regular first team place once the league season is underway, then I wouldn't mind. But because he's leaving me out of these friendlies, I (a). won't be fit enough for the new season, and (b). I'm starting to doubt that he will start me at all.

Sunday, 25th July 2010
Some more bad news
As Mr. Reid read out the team sheet and said who would be going up to Torquay for tomorrow's friendly, I again was not on there. The absence of my name has made me even more paranoid about not starting this season, even though Peter Reid said he would. If I'm not selected against Man United on Wednesday, I may have to speak to the boss.

Tuesday, 27th July 2010
A word with the boss
I decided earlier that I wouldn't wait untill the next time I'm not selected to have a word with the boss, so I spoke to him today. I said, "Look, I'm fine with not being in the squad for most of the friendlies, but will I be in the squad for the league season?" His answer was a little unclear.
"Did I say I would?" he replied frankly.
"Yes, you did." I answered.
"Right. It's a manager's decision, not a player's, so I will look into it." I didn't know what he really meant by that, so I just said okay and walked away.

Wednesday, 28th July 2010
As Mr. Reid read out the team sheet for the game against Man United today, I was delighted to find that I was on it, and starting up front! Again, we played in a 4-5-1 formation.
Reid said to me before the game, "This is your chance to prove that you can hold a starting place in the team this season. Are you ready?" I was more than ready. I was hungry to impress, although I knew that wouldn't be easy against United.
It had been a relatively quiet game before the 17th minute, when Michael Owen struck from 25 yards out. It was a good goal, but questions should have been asked as to why our defence didn't close him down.
Then on the 30th minute, Berbatov blasted a shot in from close range, but it got disallowed, due to the Bulgarian holding Marcel Seip back before the shot.
6 minutes before half time, Berbatov blasted another from close range, with no foul beforehand. 2-0 to Man Utd.
Then I was subbed on the 58th minute, dissatisfied and dissapointed with my performance.
After that the game was **** and un-interesting, and it ended 2-0.
I'm really downhearted. My one chance to prove myself and I felt I blew it. Still, didn't stop me from having a couple of drinks after the match with some of the lads!
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Friday, 30th July 2010
First driving test
Well yesterday I had my first driving test. I know a fair bit about cars already so I didn't really learn much. My instructor Darren is a right **** though. He's got pretty much no patience, he looks down on me and he's generally an arrogant *****. Looking forward to working with him for the next two months...
Right, well the boss told me today that training schedules are longer and are going to be more strenuous, so I won't have a lot of time to write in my diary, although I will whenever I can.
The Football Daily
A chat with Kurt Taylor...who?

Football has a new and rising star - and his name is Kurt Taylor. Funnily enough, he plays for Plymouth Argyle, who aren't exactly known for breeding quality players. However, football may have found a gem in this 18 year old.
Being promoted from the reserves by manager Peter Reid, the player is even hotly tipped to start Plymouth's games this season, alongside Bradley Wright Phillips up front. But the question for Argyle as a team is, can they get promoted this season?
"Definitely." Kurt says. "We've only just got relegated from the championship, but I do believe we can bounce back up this year."

Q: It is said you may be a first team player this season. Can you confirm that?
A: Speaking to the boss, he told me that I'm probably going to start most games. I'm looking forward to it so much. It's a brand new challenge and I'm determined to prove my worth to the team.

Q: Surely there's a tonne of pressure, considering you've just been promoted from the reserves?
A: There's pressure, definitely. But I wouldn't be in football if I didn't know that pressure would come eventually.

Q: Do you handle pressure well?
A: Not always. Pressure does get to my head quite a lot, but it's something I'll just have to overcome in due time.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
A: If I'm honest with you, I have no idea. We'll have to see how things work out.

Q: Are you aiming to get to a bigger club?
A: What club is bigger than Argyle? [laughs]. Naa but in all seriousness, I want to achieve all I can with Argyle before moving clubs.

Q: What's Peter Reid like to work with as a manager?
A: He's a good man, I guess.

Q: But what's he like as a manager?
A: It's too early to tell, in my opinion. He's okay, I guess. We'll have to see what he's like mid-season.

unlucky against wigan good luck i will be following
Saturday, 7th August 2010
Notts County 1-0 Plymouth Argyle
Well, I made my debut for Argyle today, but it was hardly a dream debut. The game was very dull, even from a neutral's perspective (I'd imagine). Me and Bradley barely got a sniff of the ball, and when we did, it went to waste. On the 2nd minute of stoppage time in the first half, the ball got played through to the veteran Notts County striker Lee Hughes, who slotted it away.
Next game against Southend on Tuesday should be better, although I doubt I'll be starting.

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Monday, 9th August 2010
A nice surprise
Well I was surprised to see that I'm starting tomorrow at Southend in the League Cup, despite me not performing amazing against Notts County. Starting alongside Joe Mason, which should be interesting. He's the only striker at this club that I haven't really spoken to, but I reckon we can work together well, considering we're both young.
Have to get up at 7 in the morning tomorrow so we can get up to Southend. Brilliant.

Tuesday, 10th August 2010
I had a chance very early on in the match. Joe did very well to pick up the ball in his own half and run with it to the opposition's third. He then played it through to me, but I was at a tight angle and I had defenders closing me down, so I hit the side netting.
Just two minutes later, Arnason played the ball through to me, but he overhit it, putting me in another tight angle, and again, I hit the side netting.
Then on the 18th minute, Reda Johnson (I think) played a lofted ball through to me. I controlled it well with my chest, but the keeper closed me down too quickly, giving me less of a goal to aim at. I put it wide.
By the 39th minute, we had finally found the breakthrough. The ball got played through to me, and I flicked it on to Joe, who was on the edge of the area. He didn't even take a touch and blasted it into the net from 20 yards
6 minutes into the second half, I recieved the ball from a throw in, turned and beat a defender, played the ball to Joe who played the ball back to me in the box, but unfortunately my left foot wasn't strong enough to finish of the job.
Just two minutes later, I intercepted a pass from one of the Southend players and beat Coughlan to the ball, ran into the box and went for glory with my left foot. In hindsight I should have played the ball to Joe, as he was in a much better position, and my shot was once again ****.
Then, on the 74th minute, my goal finally came! Joe played the ball through to me in space. Again, it was on my left side, but this time, my left foot was accurate, and I put it straight past the keeper. My first professional goal! I'm sure I will never forget it.
But I wasn't done there. Immediately after the goal, the ball got played through to me again, but I put it wide.
90th minute, and a free kick on the side line got whipped in by Dave Van Den Bergh. I got my head on it, but the keeper made a fantastic save.
So the match ended, and I was very happy. Happy that we had got through to the second round of the league cup, happy that I played a full ninety minutes, happy that we won, happy that I played very well - but most importantly, happy that I scored! The man of the match went to Joe, which is fair enough, he played brilliantly.
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Thursday, 12th August 2010
I am the squirrel killer
Training was tiring today, so I really wasn't looking forward to my driving lesson with Darren. But I had to do it, but to make it more interesting, I decided to kill a squirrel that was resting in the middle of the road by running it over. I ****** myself laughing, but Darren didn't see the funny side.

Friday, 13th August 2010
Getting Used to things
Another away match tomorrow, this time against Southampton. I asked the boss if I would be starting, and his reaction delighted me. "After last match's performance, I'd be mad not to." I grinned and thanked him. I'm really getting used to life at Argyle now. Before I was a small fish in a big pond. Now I'm a whale in a big lake. That doesn't really make sense, but basically it means I've fitted in, although I still have a long way to go. Southampton - bring it on!

Saturday, 14th August 2010
Southampton 0-0 Plymouth Argyle
Today's match was a very difficult one indeed. In the first 20 minutes of the match, they absolutely dominated. I remember getting about 2 touches in that space of time, but their defence was just excellent.
Things eased off slightly after that, although the game was very boring and uneventful. Then half time came.
On the 55th minute, I got substituted for Rory (Fallon). Although I didn't have the best game in the world, I think putting Rory up front on his own is suicidal.
The game ended 0-0 - a bored draw, although I'm not too disappointed, as Southampton could have so easily won that on a different day.

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Monday, 16th August 2010
Working hard
Following my **** performance on the weekend, I was determined to put things right, by working extra hard in training today. I was very fired up and I think it payed off, as I did very well.

Thursday, 19th August 2010
Getting Ready for the scum
Well we have the scum (Exeter) on Saturday - a very highly anticipated home rivalry. I'd imagine that the stadium will be near sell out, and I'm just praying that I get my home debut against them.

Saturday, 21st August 2010
Plymouth Argyle 2-0 Scum
Well I was delighted to see that Peter Reid overlooked my bad performance against Southampton and put me starting alongside BWP today, which I was delighted with. Being born and raised in Plymouth, I think I have much more passion for this fixture than most other people in the squad. Me and Craig were discussing on the way how we need to set an example.
Bit of motivational music for me before the match - Eye of the Tiger. I don't actually like that song, it just gets me motivated for some odd reason.
The atmosphere was brilliant. As the announcer said, "And making his home debut for Plymouth Argyle, number 9 - KURT TAYLOR!" the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. The roar from the crowd was very satisfying too.
The game itself was quiet up until the 20th minute, when Arnason played the ball through to Bradley. His shot went in the bottom left corner. We all ran over to the Exeter fans and cheered deliberately in front of them. The language I heard from those particular fans was very explicit, to say the least.
On the 25th minute, Jim Paterson drifted in a free kick, and me and one of their players (Mat Taylor, namely) challenged for the ball. He tugged my shirt and dragged me to the floor, and the Argyle fans all at once shouted "Penalty!". It wasn't given, and I was furious. I think I may have sworn at the ref, by luckily for me he didn't hear!
Going into the tunnell at half time, a few words were shared between me and Mat Taylor. I said to him "If you're that obsessed with my shirt I'll sign it and give it to you after the match." This was in light of the amount of shirt pulling he did. "**** off you Plymothian scum." He replied. I then made a 1-0 gesture and entered my dressing room.
Possession was ours throughout the next 15 minutes of the second half, and then on the 63rd minute, Carl Fletcher played a through ball to me. I put it into the side netting.
Just 3 minutes later, an Exeter defender went to pass the ball to Mat Taylor, but I intercepted the pass. I then ran with the ball into the box, placing a shot into the bottom right corner of the net. What a feeling. Scoring a goal on my home debut against Exeter - brilliant! I shouted "**** yeah!" as I ran over to the Devonport end to see thousands of Argyle fans cheering and shouting. Down the opposite end, an Exeter fan had run onto the pitch in an attempt to attack me, but the stewards managed to stop him just before the half way line. 2-0!
Not a lot happened after that, and eventually the match ended. The roar from the crowd as it ended was magnificent. I didn't shake Matt Taylor's hand at the end. I didn't avoid him though, we just gave each other the eyes as we walked past. Still, a magnificent result, a magnificent day.
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Greeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnn Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrnmmmmyyyyyyy

There's only one team in Devon ;)
Plymouth 2-0 Exeter

Plymouth Argyle came out on top in a 2-0 home victory over rivals Exeter City yesterday. The goals were scored by Bradley Wright-Phillips and Kurt Taylor.
In a post match interview with Peter Reid, the manager said, "I'm very happy with all my players today, and the two goalscorers in particular. It's so pleasing to know that I (and the rest of the team) can go home tonight and sleep well, knowing we did the job and we did it properly.
I'm buzzing after that result, and I'm not even from Plymouth, so I can't imagine the happiness of some of the local lads."
Plymouth took the lead after 20 minutes, when Bradley Wright-Phillips received a through ball from Kari Arnason and placed it coolly in the corner of the net.
Controversy struck just 5 minutes after when 18 year old hot prospect Kurt Taylor was brought down in the box from a free-kick, by Exeter City's captain Matt Taylor. The penalty appeal, however, was denied.
Possession was very one sided in favor of Plymouth up until the half time whistle.
In the second half, numerous chances went to waste, particularly for the home side, as Carl Fletcher hit the post once, and Bradley Wright-Phillips hit a dismal shot over the crossbar from a virtually open goal. Kurt Taylor also nearly got his first home goal for Argyle when Carl Fletcher played a magnificent ball through to him, only for the teenager to hit the side netting.
However, just three minutes later on the 66th minute, and Kurt Taylor intercepted a sloppy pass by Troy Archibald-Henville and ran through on goal, putting it past the Exeter City keeper Artur Krysiak to make it 2-0.
Speaking exclusively to The Herald, Taylor said, "The nerves before the match were making me feel physically sick. But Mr. Reid calmed me down just before kick off and I think I played okay. I'm glad I scored too - especially against Exeter. It was a really special feeling."
The man of the match for this game was Kari Arnason.

The Football League Express
"Kurt is an arrogant t***"
Exeter City centre back and captain Matt Taylor has launched an astonishing attack on Plymouth Argyle striker Kurt Taylor. The experienced centre back said, "Taylor did nothing but moan at the referee all game, and tried to wind me up many times. He is an arrogant t***, and he'll find it hard to get to the big time with that attitude."
He also went on to add, "He spoke to me and made some very unpleasant comments in the tunnel at half time. I was shocked."
Viewers of the game on Saturday could see Kurt and Matt Taylor getting very physical with each other, but it was unclear as to why at the time.
Kurt Taylor refused to comment on the matter, but fellow team-mate Craig Noone stuck up for him.
"This story is ridiculous. Kurt didn't say anything unpleasant to Matt Taylor because I was next to him in the tunnel.
Admittedly there was some words exchanged, but if anything, Matt was the man who made the unpleasant comments."
The FA did not comment on the incident either, saying that the incident was too insignificant, and they had more important things to be dealing with.
Monday, 23rd August 2010
Well, after training today, I decided to go into town on my own, to get a bit of shopping done. ******* **** I went mental. The amount of clothes I bought is ridiculous. Spent all of my £350 I drew out just on clothes, shoes etc. Everything's in a pile in my room at the moment. I'm going to re-organise everything. Ahh fun fun fun!

Tuesday, 24th August 2010
Jesus Christ, you'd think I was a four year old the way I've been since we beat the scum. I'm so hyper. My inner child is bursting into life. My thoughts are racing. I feel like shouting out random stuff and I don't know why. Nothing can bring me down. I'm happy!
Jesus would you look at the time? I've got to get to football! Playing Fulham today in the league cup. Moi is starting, so I need to get ready!
Plymouth Argyle 0-2 Fulham
So yeah, umm, nightmare to start off with, Bobby Zamora heading in from a corner on the 5th minute. Ahh, where was the defence man?
Around 20 minutes in, Liam Ridgewell caught the ball and not me in a challenge. The ref 'didn't see it', but **** did it hurt.
About 5 minutes later, dejavu struck as Bobby Zamora got his second goal of the game, again from a corner.
The game was ****, slow and so boring, and the next big event happened on the 80th minute, when Bobby Zamora had the perfect opportunity to get his hat-trick when he controlled Damien Duff's cross, turned, shot...and it blazed over the bar.
So not much can be said about that, **** match, **** weather, **** result. Ahh well it's only the league cup. I'm off to bed now.

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Love this story :wub:
Thanks mate, means a lot to me :)

Wednesday, 25th August 2010
Stern Words
This morning at training, Peter Reid sat us all down on the training pitch, and bollocked us about the match last night. He pointed his finger and waved it around at everyone, saying phrases such as, "You rolled over to them, they made us look like a conference side." I thought it was very harsh. Jesus Christ they only beat us 2-0, and they're a premiership side! They had someone with the caliber of Bobby Zamora up front! Despite being one of the youngest on the team (the youngest, I think), I wasn't afraid to let my voice be heard. When he'd finished ranting, I said, "Did you really expect us to win, boss?" He was livid. He made me train on my own. What a ****. Don't think I'll be starting Saturday.

Thursday, 26th August 2010
Reluctant Apology
As I was getting on with some 10 metre sprints today in training, Peter Reid pulled me over by the side. "Oh ****." I thought. "This is gonna be about yesterday."
"Yesterday, what you said to me was unacceptable, and the manner in which you said it was too." I stood there and stared at him, purposefully not replying to him.
"I'd like you to say sorry." I sighed heavily. Why should I apologise? He had a go at all of us for no reason. Why should I say sorry?
"Can I just say though, you were a bit harsh on all of us." I said.
"No I wasn't, I wasn't at all. The team played badly, and I thought you all needed a bit of the hairdryer treatment." He returned.
"But boss..."
"But nothing." He cut me short. "Just say sorry, it's all you have to do." Again I sighed, before half-heartedly muttering, "Sorry."
"Right, okay then." And with that he walked away. Whether I will be picked on Saturday against Walsall, I don't know.

Saturday, 28th August 2010
Plymouth Argyle
Well turns out I was picked. "Don't let me down. This is your warning." Said Reid before the game. I played alongside Bradley in a 4-4-2 formation.
We were lucky not to go 1-0 down after 8 minutes. Walsall's Steve Jones had the ball played to him in the area, when he was in plenty of space. He somehow put it wide. That finish was ******* than most of mine.
On the 12th minute, Jim Paterson floated in a corner, which I got my head on from about 12 yards out. It went over, but I was chuffed that I got my head on it in the first place, considering I'm only 5'9.
Just three minutes later, one of their players, Taundry I think, recieved the ball on the edge of the area and smashed it into the bottom left corner. It was a great goal, and a brilliant way to set an example as the captain.
Around half an hour in, one of their defenders slipped on the edge of the area, and I won the ball. I dribbled into space in the box, one on one with the keeper...and I blazed it over. How? I don't know. But I heard the whole crowd (except the away fans) groan with disbelief, before offering a slightly motivational round of applause. I was, well, embarrassed I guess, to say the least. It was terrible.
I had another chance a few minutes later. Bhasera whipped in a lovely cross for me but my attempted header at goal went over the bar.
A couple minutes later and Bradley fed a ball through to my left foot (unfortunately). My shot went over the bar.
About a minute before half time, Steve Jones recieved the ball in the 6 yard box and placed in the corner of the net. After some shouting and swearing from grumpy janners, they all went for their half time pasty.
A hardly-motivating half time team talk from Peter Reid came across out on the pitch in the second half, as no one put any heart and soul, or any real effort for that matter into the performance. Me included? I have to be honest, yes. I did not find any motivation to get us back on level terms, and was substituted (because of this, I think) later on in the game for Steve Maclean.
2 minutes untill the end, and Darryl Westlake was sent off for holding onto Rory Fallon's shirt when he was the last man. I don't know why he did. He wouldn't even need to run to catch Rory up.
So in the end, a very disappointing 2-0 defeat, and I played ****. I wonder what's in store for Monday's training session - a 2-0 home defeat to Fulham earlier this week got us a bollocking. 2-0 home defeat to Walsall? I think mass murder is on the cards here.
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