Jan 12, 2013
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Hi folks,

Today I am RE-introducing the well known "Papadopoulos" and share my experience with you guys in a very different way.

Name: Kyriakos Papadopoulos
Age: 20
Nationality: Greece
Club: Schalke
Position: DC
Value: 7 mill Euro

I brought him from Schalke for my reforming Milan. In order to have enough budget to acquire him, I sold Pato and Robinho. it was the worst/best decision in my 1st season.

Issues after his arrival:

1. considering how much I gave to Schalke, I should have used it to get a few decent young players to make the squad more balanced.

2. Mr. Papadopoulos was doing an okay job as DC, but he gave out way too many penalties.

3. Mr. Papadopoulos was too active to challenge the ball and leaves his back a total free zone to opponents' Poacher.

Because of all that, I threw away more than 8 games before Christmas, and I finally decided to bench him since the last game before Christmas.

I talked to myself. This was my worst transfer ever. However, I feel even worse if I bench a player who costs me a fortune to get. As a result, I decided to fix it.

Thank god that I did not plan to sell him for cash after his unsuccessful start. Mr. Papadopoulos, after 3 months of special training, turned into a real beast.

Training Project A:
1. Train Papadopoulos to play as a defensive midfielder
2. Train Papadopoulos to play simple passes in the game (PPM)
3. Train Papadopoulos to improve his passing

The result: Insane.

After 3 months of training, when Papadopoulos got into the field as a DMC for the very 1st time, I found a beast finally got unleashed.

in the rest of my season, Papadopoulos dominated every game he played on an average rating of 8.01

In my 2nd season, Papadopoulos' transformation from DC to DMC was completed. I trained him into BBM later in season 2 and it was also a big success.

If you have Papadopoulos in your team and currently not 100% happy with his performance, maybe you can try my method.

(at work now, I will post some pics later in my save in season 3)

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I had him too on a Norwich save, done wonders in defence. Also I trained him as a DMC when I played a formation with it, and he would sit in that role for me no problems too.