Dec 6, 2008
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Is anyone else experiencing this. When I get through to around february/march time in my first season my players start moaning about the lack of discipline of the squad. I find this hard to believe as I'm a quite a strict manager. I'm running the latest patch 11.2.1
I've had the occurence now 3 times now...It might be me so advice would be good.
no ****, another "lack of discipline" thread. Use search mate :)
Answer to your q. Fine your players :)
Talk to them saying that they are not doing well during training when they are not doing well in training... sometimes warn them about poor performance..
If they're complaining about a lack of discipline, they've given you a reason to expect the best out of them week-in, week-out.

If they play badly, tell them so in the post-match team talk and even go out of your way to tell them they had a bad game in a private interaction. If they play well, don't be so generous with praise. As well as this, red cards should be met with at least a one-week fine - even if it's unjust, the players will know where they stand and know that you mean business.
Thanks for your replys. I gotta admit I dont speak to them individually after a match about there performance as on fm10 it didn't effect them. I give 1 week fines out if its just...