Jan 30, 2010
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Basically, I've felt like this for the past two series of FM. I just can't get into a game, and end up closing it down after about an hour. What can I do to regain my motivation to play?
Tough one since sometimes you might have just burnt yourself out on something and need to take a break from it. But occassionally when my game is crashing constantly or my save is going through a patch where ****** all is happening for months on end (which in international management happens quite a lot) then I just put on a film to watch while my game progresses, or recently a cool boxset I picked up called '50 greatest footballers'.

Football manager doesn't take a huge amount of thought or effort, and when my game reaches the next crucial thing like a big game or tournament...the excitement makes an appearance again.
I usually get motivation again after watching my local team. Failing that, I watch a documentary about football (e.g. Arsenal's unbeaten season) and it makes me extremely motivated, whether that's by trying to replicate the achievement or to try and get my team to play a similar style of football.
I find playing with a friend is almost imperative now, I quickly lose interest in solo saves, but when you are competing in the same league/cups as your friend you get an extra incentive ;)