Jan 18, 2012
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After being inspired by MojoDex's story, I decided to try it out.

Mojo's Hexagon Story:

I'll be trying to really go long term. In the past all I've done was manage English teams. From BSP to the BPL. From BSS to the BPL. Then it got stale and I lost interest. Then MojoDex came along. This time I, like him, will try to move around the globe with my 'dream girl'. Yes I created a female manager.

For those who want to try the more obscure leagues, look at this link:
Foxo's FM13 League Releases - Databases/Saved Games - TAS - Football Manager 2013 Discussion Forums, Tutorials & Guides

What I'm going to do:
1. I will not start at a top flight club, except those that have 1
league only. Should I choose to manage in one of those leagues I will aim to manage one of the smaller teams.

I will not leave a club until I win that countries top flight, Should I get sacked before I achieve this I must drop down to the league below, unless there is no lower league. In which case I must stay in the same division.

I must win the continents version of the Champions League before I move onto another continent.

4. Not really interested to do the national teams.

5. Going to keep a non-playable English league around. Following my favorite team, Spurs and will post updates about the BPL and Championship every season.

6. The aim is to complete Oceania first, then I will decide where next.

7. I created a female manager, 28 years of age with semi pro football experience.

8. Started out unemployed

9. I've started out with:
England (view only, to follow favourite team)
Australia (trying to get more players that are closer to the region)

American Samoa
Cook Islands
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands

Here we go! :)
Good stuff, Have you decided on a traveling order yet?
My Manager's Profile:

Apply apply apply, and only got 2 offers. 1 from Titakaveka and 1 from Arorangi FC. Think I'll take something different from MojoDex... Cook Islands here I come!
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So who are... Arorangi??

My gosh, I couldn't even find their info from English wiki! Here's the translated version from the German wiki...

Arorangi FC is a football team from the Cook Islands . She is in Arorangi on the main island Rarotonga home. She plays in the top division of the Cook Islands, the Cook Islands Round Cup . Until now, twice the championship once and the National trophy be won.
Cook Islands Round Cup : 2
1985, 1987
Cook Islands Cup : 1

I assume they are the team in blue...


So how did I fare? Next post...
Lots to do apparently. This is them:


In the end, like MojoDex, after analyzing the depth of this league and feeling it about, they only play it long and in the middle! Therefore, I've setup a 3-5-2, and cleared tons of deadwood:


And my 2 most important signings


Tuka Tisam is a monster... at this level.

With a 3-5-2, we blazed the league and won it in the 9th game!



Final League standings:


Next, time to look for a new team. Cook Islands do not play in the Oceania Champions League :p

I would be adding what happened in England in the next update...
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By the way, has anybody gotten into the NZ league before? Some advice needed, all I see are U21 team jobs available. How does it work?
In England, Spurs are 3rd! But Fulham??? :O


In the championship:

Major transfers:

I have serious problems applying for a job... :p
By the way, has anybody gotten into the NZ league before? Some advice needed, all I see are U21 team jobs available. How does it work?
yes i have but they do not enter first teams in the ocl. although it may be different on your database(i used the one on mojodexs thread about it)
Anyway... I found a job! Not in NZ though. Will update tomorrow. ZZZ time
will be following this, i always download a different oceanic megpaack to foxos one
And I'm off to...

American Samoa!

And I've take charge of... Ilaoa & toomata


Who are they? I can't even find their information on the internet~! :(

Some info about them from the game...


And they finished bottom of the league last season :S


Time for a major revamp of my squad. Will be spending time to search for players... (H)
American Somoa is certainly an interesting move, I assume they at least get an O League place?
Actually, they don't! But I do not have any other choices, might as well manage them and keeping looking out for opportunities. I don't think I want to go through another Cook Islands league...
oh my, the quality of the players in this league is just... POOR

and to make matters worse, not much players would sign for me! I decided to spend a LOT of time looking for players in Oceania. Found a few free transfers in Australia and NZ. Luckily for me, they decided to join me.


Some new faces:

This player would be leading my midfield, no doubt.

My new defensive lynchpin

And also chanced upon 2 Venezuelans, one GK and one winger!


My new striker, he will lead the line

Unbeaten in the first half of the season so far :)

League table:

And finally a semi pro team wants me to manage them, actually paying me a salary! Unfortunately, based on the rules of the challenge, I'm not joining yet...

Board asked me if I would like to change expectations... yes. I actually want to tell them that I will win the league, but no... they think top half is maximum...
Out of curiousity, what continent next would you guys like me to try? :p
I have have offers from Tahiti, Fiji and Papa New Guinea! Now which country should I go to? In anycase, all 3 can participate in the Oceania Champions League
I'd prefer a semi pro club if possible. I just finished the season, let me do an update... ;)