Lalas questions Beckham loan move

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Aug 23, 2006
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Former Los Angeles Galaxy manager Alexi Lalas believes David Beckham owes it to American fans to turn down offers of a loan move to the Premier League.

Beckham wants to get back into the England reckoning and he certainly is not going to do that by playing in the MLS(no matter how highly Lalas rates the MLS) . So its not that much of a surprise that he wants to temporarily come back to England . Unfortunately for the Americans their league standard is very poor compared to the top European leagues . Could be upsetting for a fan to see one their key players so eager to get out of the club and the country but I wouldn't question his motives
As long as he comes back for the start of the MLS season then why does he care? He could get injured like he did last season I guess but Beckham knows he needs to be playing in the top leagues to show he can still hack it with the best players in the world
Surely , Beckham showing everyone he can still cut it in the best league in the world is a good thing for LA Galaxy? Dude , shut up and stop complaining.