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Laptop doesn't read fm discs!! All fm discs!


Jun 27, 2012
Sorry not sure what sections to post in??

Now before I get the ingenious technical advice that my CD/DVD drive needs replacing may I just add I have tested around ten DVDs and ten CDs and they work fine, put a couple of copies in there too to check them and they also worked.

A few days ago I wanted to check an old tactic I had on FM11 to see if I could make it work on fm13, got the disc out put it in, double clicked fm11 went through the game load screen where it said to insert disc.
It was in but I ejected it and tried again.

Same thing, tried numerous times until I was pretty sure it wasnt working and yes I turned it off and on.

Went to my computer and watched as I put the disc in, I could see the drive but nothing happened, no disc was recognised, it spins a bit then dies, sometimes spins up for around ten seconds and dies.

Decided to so a few checks.

Drivers working, up to date, windows 7 up to date, updated norton ran a scan it seems all is ok.

Started reading through 100s of pages of trouble shooting ideas, none worked.

At this point I thought the fm disc is dead or the drive is.

Fished out some old fm's tried them, not one of them was recognised!!

Tried fm12,11,10,09 none were recognised!!

They were all installed from disc so I know they worked at some point.

The strange thing was I found cm01/02 and it worked, an old command and conquer worked!

So to conclude my laptop doesn't recognise any fm discs.


Thought I'd do a system restore to see if a recent update had affected something.....

Now fm13 crash dumps When I click the icon.

Any help would be massively appreciated as I'm minutes away from throwing my laptop outside with the fm games and setting fire to em!!


Tried disable/enable. Uninstall/install.