Laptop shutting down ONLY when playing FM


Feb 13, 2010
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I know I know, it's probably overheating, need to clean the fan. At the moment I cant get the laptop undone, the screws dont seem to want to come out so I cant get to the fan.

My question is, why does this only happen when I'm playing FM? I have FIFA13 on my laptop as well, it gets plenty hot when I play that, yet it NEVER crashes. Is this maybe a graphics card issue or something?
I'm assuming the large amount of data it needs to process while playing FM is straining the processor as well.
What type of laptop is this?
HP dv5 Notebook PC. It's about 3 years old. Is there a fix for it or is the laptop done-for?
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lol man you know what ? i have exactly the same problem as you, i have fifa13 and FM13 in my HP laptop, and my laptop also getting hot when i play fifa but its alright, but when i play FM, sometimes its ok but then my laptop had a lag then BANG, blue screen and self-restart, if anyone know how to fix this please tell us