Larsson snubs Man Utd extension

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Aug 23, 2006
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Henrik Larsson says he will not extend his loan period at Man Utd and will return to Helsingborg next month.

not really surprising he turned it down, hes very loyal and a man of his word, surprised he went to Man U in the first place, and if he turned down Barca hes not gunna go back on his word and stay for another couple of months even if he would get a medal
I love that he is loyal to his club although it would be good if he could win the title from chelsea but Im glad he doesnt get pressured to change his decisions and is a man of his word.

Have a feeling Lloyd will now hate Henke for this even though everyone knew it was the deal.
I personally would have looked to see him play on, he is a world class player espec when you consider how old he is.
****** henrik :p

Not really bothered weather he stays or goes.
Nice to see hes loyal to his club.

giving the fact he had the chance of won the Premiership with Man Utd too
As many people have said it is good he is loyal to his club but i would have liked to see him play in the EPL for a bit longer as I like him as a player...even it is for Man Utd...
well tbh larsson is getting on a bit, im sure they can get sum1 better anyway