Sep 15, 2005
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I know a few of you are signed up to it and for some reason alot of the people in my friends lists are Subscribers and I'm positive you havn't actually subscribed and you have been set as a Subscriber by mistake. So have a look at your user page and make use of the benefits while they are free.
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I noticed Kris had and now youve said so has Sean but I havent been :(
I was once a subscriber

40849 Sep 7, 2004, 13:24 PayPal No. Months: 3 £3.00 GBP
40850 Sep 7, 2004, 13:24 User One-Off Donation -£3.00 GBP

But as you can see that was a long time ago. It says 'You have 23 days subscription left'.
Yeh I wish they made me a subscriber :(

When I get enough money I'm gonna subscribe.
what do you get for suscribring? apart from the Radio benefits
Mystery Solved :

I did notice that Kris and Douys pages were ****** before

For the last week we've been recovering from some server problems, and the site has been somewhat unreliable regarding data collection and browsing statistics.
We were very unlucky with multiple concurrent hardware failures last week, and unfortunately we have lost three weeks of tagging data for a minority of users (including yourself). This does not affect your song submissions, but if you have tagged songs in the last few weeks, you may have to re-tag them.

We apologise unreservedly, and by way of apology we are upgrading accounts for people that have been inconvenienced. Effective immediately, your account now has 'subscriber' privileges for the rest of 2005.
If you were already a subscriber, your subscription will be extended free of charge.

Features available to subscribers can be viewed here.

We've also just released some new features, read about them on the front page of the site.

The Team
Yea i got 2 message's from them. I notised all the people that were visiting my page and another about this song which i 'listened' to 456 times in a week :p
  • No ads
  • Recent Visitors to profile
  • More radio features.
  • etc..

Go here --> Then scroll down and it has all of the benefits.

Dunno if im wasting my time here but i thought i would bump this thread upa nd recomend anyone who is not a member to sign up.

If your into your music then it's a great way to find new bands,artists and find people with the same taste as you.

You can also use it to see how much music you really listen to
Imn currently only 250 plays off the 1/4 century :)
no, but if someone continually does it then theyre obv spamming :)