Jan 24, 2010
Reaction score
Is there a guide anywhere which explains how points are gained towards your leaderboard score?
im in 2024 and mine is worse than my friends who are in second season :/
Pretty similar to me. Plus he's at man utd and I'm at Torquay. I've won two leagues and 5 league cups plus other major finals. He's on 1900000 whilst I'm around 100k behind him
It's not a network game. We are both playing single player
Does it matter if you play the game offline as i play it away from home quite a bit where there is no internet ect
I'm not sure to be honest but my guess is they do it by how many "top league" wins and CL wins its stupid
I wont the Europa League with TNS and literally jumped up to about 20 thousandth? So im guessing you have to just win as bigger things you can with littler teams,Not sure if custom databases will register on the leaderboards? So if you used the editor before you started it wont wor (Dont quote me on that,Not 100%)