Jun 18, 2018
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Glasgow Celtic have appointed Luke Jackon as their new manager.
Luke Jackon had a playing experience as a professional footballer playing for Bristol City, West Ham United, Manchester City and Hibernian and playing for England.
He won 21 trophies and spent a 19 year spanning career as a player.
1996: Begins career.
1997:Joins Hibernian.
1998: Wins first trophy with his club, Hibernian
1999: Won the league for the first time with his club, Hibernian
2003: Leaves Hibernian on a £3million deal to join West Ham on a 4 year contract.
2004: Wins his second and third trophies with West Ham United
2007: Wins fourth, fifth and sixth and leaves West Ham United to join Bristol City on a £10million deal on a 5 year contract.
2008 and 2009: Wins 4 trophies with the club.
2010: Wins the 11th trophy with the club and his club gained promotion.
2011: Survives his first season in Premier League winning the Carabao Cup to make it his 12th trophy.
2012: Wins the Europa League to make it his 13th trophy.
2013: Wins the Champions League, Super Cup, Premier League, FA Cup and the Carabao Cup to get him to 18 trophies and first quintuple.
2014: Leaves Man City on loan and impresses winning 2 trophies to get him to 20 trophies
2017: Wins his last trophy with Bristol City then retiring to take up a managerial career.
He was born in Bristol, England and had appendix removed at age of 13 at Bristol Children's Hospital.
He is currently married with his wife Chloe Jackon.