Oct 30, 2010
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Does anyone have any sudgestions as to a good league 2 team who would not be to difficult to win promotion with. I am thinking about trying to do an Eddie Howe and take a small club up and hopefully become succesfull.
Shrewsbury Port Vale Chesterfield have a bit of money for a challenge Hereford Stockport Barnet And Accy
hereford is 20k
Shrewsbury is 80k
accrington is 20k
Barnet is 15k
Be hereford...with very few changes such as benedict akwuegbu, iriekpen, chris james, silvio will be having an easy time. they are predicted 18th with no previous manager so there is little pressure on you, plus..i started a new fm with them lastnight, ive played 18 and im 6th atm...great team to be!
Shrewsbury get an extra 500k for Joe harts appearence in Englands first game after you create a new game.......something to bear in mind
When i decided to go for a challenge, i went for Wycombe Wanderers, got them to championship which was great :O
You don't need to worry too much about transfer budget mate, but wage budget, as you mainly will look at loans or free transfers.

If you want a decent side with a couple of decent young players, try Oxford, i'm currently first with them after 25 games.
Just to let everyone who has contributed to this thread i have gone for Accrington Stanley.