League being greyed out even though test nation rules show no error


Jun 4, 2013
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I have created a new Nepalese league with two division. The first division has 18 teams and second has 16 teams.
I have tested the nation rules and the editor shows the nation rule as valid.

I then go to start the game but the Nepalese league is grayed out. The error that is being show in "Require a Maximum of 18 teams for A-Division, found 20. Require minimum of 16 teams for B-Division, found 9"
When I go through both the divisions, I can see that there are 18 teams in A Division and 16 teams in B Division.
The file was working fine in FM2012 and was also imported from the same. Is it something to do with this.
i had same problem with serbian lower divisions. if you use default divisions delete that divisions and create new A and B division
I created a whole new leagues and cup but was imported from FM2012..