Apr 27, 2010
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I didn't know where to put this so i will put it here.

Any way i am Huddersfield Town, in the 1st season, against West Brom in the League Cup Semi-Final. I have beat Accrington, Blackpool, Sunderland (they played youth), Chelsea (they are my parent club so they played there youth) and Aston Villa (youth) to get here. I have lost the first leg 1-0 at home and i am really desperate to win the second leg. I know West Brom will play there best side unlike the others.

Are there any tactics i can use that West Brom are weak against if so please help.

I have provided screenshots of my whole team, the team that i used when i played West Brom and the end report if you need any more just ask. (The next time i play them is on the 25th January 2011)
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i have just signed Hall and Hoheneder so could you please take these into consideration if you could help me pick a team

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Any help please the match is in 5 days???

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ive played the match and west brom came out wiht their youth team and i won so i'm in the final :D!!!!!

anyway can a mod close this please