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Aug 12, 2013
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This challenge, takes longer and is harder than the pentagon. The goal is to win one league in every continent then go back and win the original league one more time.However, there is a bigger challenge you can't just go to England then to the USA then to Brazil then to South Africa then to Australia. You have to follow some hard rules, based around location...

Here's the twist: when you win a league you can only move on to a bordering country of that league ( unless stated otherwise ).

Oh an here's a list of extra rules
  • You have to start in portugal, unemployed then get a job as a second league team
  • Once you've won a league you have to take over a second league team ( if they have only one league just take the lowest MP )
  • If you're fired you have to take over the club you last lost to
Here's a link that shows the world map you can only move across borders remember - mapsoftheworld.com: The Leading Maps Site on the Net

Exceptions to the border rule. You can go both ways

The U.K to America
Mexico to Colombia
Argentina to South Africa
South Africa to Australia
Australia to Indonesia
Indonesia to South Korea
South Korea to China
Sweden to U.K
Israel to South Africa

Hope you liked my post

Haf26 8-|