Jan 18, 2010
Reaction score
I'm malaysian. I'm editing Malaysian competition. I changed all the leagues' rep to match those in EPL. I also changed the Malaysia's League importance, economy to the max. I also changed all the attendance of all clubs participate in both major league playable for the country so that the number of attendance will always near to full capacity during the matchday to give a little realistic boost to the finance for the clubs.
I run the game for about 10 seasons and found out the league reputation falls down back to the original level which is sub 100.
so my questions are:
1. How to prevent that as the league rep falls down pretty quickly.
2. How/where in editor to change the prize money received by the leagues participants as the prize money should increase (or decrease) according to league rep. Even if i set the league rep to 180 out of 200, it will still give the same amount of money for the clubs' final position same as if the league rep is at its original value (sub 100).
3. Can someone point me to any post that may help me solving this? I could not find it in the forum as there are thousands of posts and each of every search keywords that I tried have been a disappointment. :(
I have been trying to do the same in the Spl but its just not happening