Jan 3, 2011
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Just fired up a new game with Oxford, they have a mediocre budget for that league and if anyone knew of any players that are good immediately, or are decent in the future (and will also be available to purchase at the start and not be snubbed).

Couple of ones i had.

Lee Trundle, can be picked up for around 3k from Neath, has very good stats for that division and can be any excellent target man if you have some width on the wing, with some decent crossing attributes.

Sean Thornton, get him on a free, sign him, his valuation sky rockets to around 150k mark, if you can sell him after a season, you're golden, also decent CM who likes to distribute the ball. Probably tries to shoot too much outside of the area though, very unsuccessful at that.

Adi Akinbiyi, decent squad player, the stats aren't very good, but if you get him involved, even for 20 minutes at the end of a match, you can bet he has something to do with the goal, if you do score.

So that's mine and apologies if this looks like a replica thread, i did a quick search but couldn't find much.

Giles Sunu on loan from Arsenal? Scored 20 goals for Exeter, when I was manager- In League one. I reckon he'd be alright with coming playing in League 2, guranteed to get some goals.
Chris James on a free transfer is always a good bet.
Brian Kerr - Free
Chris James - Free
Paul Wotton - Southampton about £10k