Feb 9, 2011
Reaction score
Gutted, i missed out on 3 points. My staff were saying with regards to my next opponent;

-plays well against, normal tempo, normal d-line and normal width.
-scores early and concedes late.

Now i seem to score late, but i thought, i best play high tempo, high d-line and wide, due to my team being fitter even from kick-off, i didnt think much of the 'goal analysis' advice because of this. I was hoping for a quick goal, then change to low tempo etc.

Half time 0-0.

A big mistake i thought, so i went the opposite ie low tempo etc and was thinking on 75 minutes, go 'overload' as i was slight favourites.

Full time 0-0. Had the chance to go top on 12 games (if results went my way), but now im 8th. Im 4 points behind the top 2, with only one promotion place.

Hit the post on a penalty aswell.

Anyone else have made mistakes like this? Is this because im new-ish on the game? At least i know what i should do next time, in the same scenario.