Nov 22, 2017
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Why Lecce?

I like the idea of taking a poor southern underdog and taking it to the rich boy's of Serie A, as some may or may not know pretty much every team competing in Serie A consists of teams from northern Italy reflecting the natural wealth of the cities north of Rome, South of Rome seems to be like a land that time forgot, huge levels of poverty and unemployment and badly setup infrastructure means little hope, what these towns do have in spades though is unmatched natural beauty and charming people, in spite of the lack of most things they seem to live a very simple and i would say enviable life, as long as they have tomatoes, wine and sunshine what else do they need? a good football team to galvanize the city perhaps? enter me.

One thing Italian teams have had nailed for decades is gorgeous kits, if you made and all time top 20 18 would be Italian,
Lecce is not one of them!

The Contrast or yellow and red is one of the ugliest i have seen but in a weird way it has endeared me because at least it is unique,, i suppose.

The second and third however are very stylish indeed.

One of the other reasons this team stuck out to me was the stadium

40,000 seater with the Ultras to go with it

Also while the north may have the money, the south Always Produce the special players, Cassano Quagierella Di Natale and Miccolli, they seem to produce the off the cuff street style flair players, so my aim will be trying to get my hands on a few

My Longer term targets

To build a squad with players from southern italy mainly, but i will also be scouting south america and some of the poorer European Countries, Money will be tight so plenty of frees and loans but i have a shortlist in my head of really good, (not world class) but good really young southern italians so i will get to work on them straight away, a few i can get on loan but others i may have to wait and make deals with a LOT of add ons, i want to run this club as healthily as i can so no mad purchases and i will sell players for the right price.

I will add to this as i go
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Meeting the Squad


So first look at the squad there is much work ahead, Lecce have come up from from third tier and the squad is full of lega pro journyman, one or two good Serie B players and a few good prospects

First player i want to introduce is this guy

View attachment 22841Franco Lepore is the club Captain and Local hero, if there is one thing i am a sucker for it is local players who are also suporters of the club, its the first thing i search for when finding new players, i would rather a 6/10 Local than 8/10 from somewhere else, this guy is very average to be honest but when doing a bit of Lecce research via youtube i came across a video of Lecce's promotion last year and they featured this guy going back to his old neighborhood and spending time with locals and after was in tears, i think looking at his record he spent most of his career in lower leagues and only joined lecce a couple of years ago at 28 so he probably realised a dream he never thought would happen in gaining promotion with them, so for that i have a soft spot for him and will get a chance under me, he also plays a few positions down right and he's a determined grafter so i have faith in him

View attachment 22840Cosenza- The hard ******* at the back, no nonsense beard should be good enough at this level, again not outstanding but capable

View attachment 22839Giuseppe Torromino- Key player in last years champions cutting in from the left but again in Serie B he doesn't stand out too much, but maybe thats our style to be underestimated
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Transfer Ins

View attachment 1194261 This guy was offered to me after only a few days in and despite how he looks, forget the African passport scandels someone needs to check this bloke's he's apparently 37 but looks 57, the fans and board are also not that enthusiastic and he's seen as a bench warmer, but i think there is a player in there, to compliment beardy he is a graceful ball playing center back, ok he's not quick but he has a better first touch than Torromino so i am quietly confident, he only wanted 1,200 but i offered 2,500 because someone else was sniffing, if he doesn't get injured watch him

View attachment 1194252 Mario Pugliese- Born just outside Naples this kid was tipped for big things a few years ago but it's not quite happened, still only 20 and with plenty of potential still he could prove to be a crucial player in the future if i give him consistant game time, free transfer so nothing to lose but he is exactly the type of player i will be targeting

Now the Breaking News

If there is one thing i love more than a home grown kid it's bring back a club legend and one of the other reasons i chose this club was because i was aware that they had 2 ex players floating on the free agent list and what a couple of players
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Vucinic- Has been there and done it all and after wringing out his last big payday in Al Jazira he is coming home to the club that launched him and where he made his name during a 6 year stay, honestly can't believe we were even able to get a player of his caliber despite his age he's still in good shape and could play Serie A still, but i guess the sway to come back to the Via Del Mare and finish what he started was too great

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Valeri Bojinov- Another one of the many 'what if' players, was a real wonderkid at one time but injuries and off the pitch activities have held him back, has been washed up for a while now bouncing around team after team injury after injury, but hes still only 30 so there is still hope, still a pulse and for a free transfer its a gamble i am willing to take, my gut say's he will flop, but for the feel good nostalgic factor and to get bums on seats it's worth it, if he comes on and scores one winner it's worth it

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Well i guess that's that idea down the *******!!

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So ****** off why don't these players do everyone a favour and retire rather than get your hopes up, out for basically the season and we are saddled with his 4k wages, great, plus his legs will basically be spaghetti by time he comes back, ill tell you what he's earning that 4k if it kills me ill have the fat git driving the coach, painting the stadium and selling programs!
When I play with Italian teams I avoid the Northern teams as well however, I tend to go with Cagliari from . I did toy with Lecce (I had an Italian pen friend from there when younger) but that kit put me off. Good luck with your save.
Transfer update,

Have signed a few players on loan who i can't afford to sign permanent now but i plan to get my claws in now and embed them into the Lecce fabric, Mauro Coppolaro (Born Bennevento) comes in from Udinese, Ball playing CB with big potential. i will start with baldy but will look to bleed him in as often as i can

Verde- (Naples) from Roma, inside right very agile and quick has looked devestating in the few friendlies so far albeit against smaller teams, fits my sytem perfect starter for sure

Lo Faso- Palermo there is an ultra friendship between these to clubs so ill be looking to our bigger cousins for gems quite often, This kid looks like he copies Ronaldo very similar style and he's listed as an idol, presently not quite gd enough to displace Torro but will bring him off bench often, can also play anywhere across 3 so will get plenty of chances

Marco Tuminello/ Andres Ponce ive signed both of them but will probably have to cut one before end of window as Caturano is my main striker and i only need one back up, i really want it to be Tumminello he fits my southern criteria but he was shocking in our first round cup exit, Ponce looks like a little Suarez, just has that nasty terrier look, and his attributes are better than Marco however i will stick with Marco for rest of month and hope he does something
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Can play where he wants, will be absolutely crucial to out chances this season, i am probably going to play him in the hole as a trequartista to save his legs
Cagliari are one i have never played as, done Palermo, Catania, Bari even Foggia but never saw it through with any of them, i still class Cagliari as the good side of the divide though
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Early Bookmakers odds have written us off completely and to be fair bar Vucinic we are average, the wonderkids will have moments but currently they are going to struggle,
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This is likely the team for our first match at home to entella ella ella this sunday, ive added a new left back on loan as we only had one and my left back is very important to our tactic as he's in a cheat ultra attack position and our main build up is down the left, Lo Faso will start as Torro is not fit and Coppolaro will come in for beardy.

The big call will be wether or not to start Pugliesi as he's a funny one, because his progress has stagnated playing him here and there will do little for his development so he needs to play every game if i am going to see an imrpovement, but he's playing the ball winner and he's not quite up to par its a massive gamble as i have Giuseppe Vives as well who at 36 could is still one of the best in div at the position, he is the player i am hoping Mario will develop into

Also quick nod to Keeper Marco Bleve, Lecce through and through and only 21 so big hopes for him
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Disappointing result in what was labeled a soft opening fixture, a team that plays 4231 thus allowing us to play ours something we will not be able to do every week, despite us having more possession they seemed to have more dangerous attacks but couldn't finish, then out from nowhere Verde went on a jinky run drawing 3 players before laying off to Caturano who was waiting just outside the D, he smashed it into bottom corner giving us unlikely lead, Lo Faso was incerdibly nervous on his debut definitely along way off,

In the second half they switched to 433 and we followed suit, scoring almost instantly with a teasing ball from left which Caturano pounced on. 2-0 game over time to shut up shop.

No more that a minute later with the ultras still celebrating and after being on the field for a few minutes Beardy lunges in out of nowhere and gives away a pen, absolutely awful decision because they weren't even threatening us, 2-1 and from then on our heads dropped in i knew it was a matter of time

We are still not match fit though and we have some key players to come back,
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Much better performance the fact their Goalkeeper was MOM says it all, we switched to 433 counter today and its my weakest tactic of my 3 set ones, i am still tinkering with the front 3 as i don't like out movements but none the less took the lead same as before free transfer Morleo back at the team where he came through as a youth overlaping whipped in ball and Caturano continuing his hot start to the season, 3 in 2 now for him

However just as last game went as the game was dying out Morleo gives away cheap pen, very frustrating, another thing i noted was in the team talk beardy didn't respond and was in a negative attitude all game. this really ****** me off, he comes off the bench to cost us the match against Entella and his response is to be petulant, there is no 3 strike rule with me only 1 and a half and he is already one foot out of the door in my head, when you aren't a gifted player then you need to compensate that with being iron willed and a leader, not be a sulker! no time for him and i am already looking at new targets
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Cagliari are one i have never played as, done Palermo, Catania, Bari even Foggia but never saw it through with any of them, i still class Cagliari as the good side of the divide though
They have definitely progressed over the last few years to be honest and are now imho the best of the rest but they are still small fry when it comes to the Italian League.