Nov 14, 2010
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Will ledley king survive the whole 90minutes?

Should i sell him or what? please help..

tottenham just started
1) Highly unlikely he would.

2) Might as well if there is interest. Would sell him for £6million +
I've had him last for the full 90 on many occasions. I actually had him competing for one of the CB spots in my first few seasons. He retires at around 32 so you only really need to persevere with him for a few years and he can be a good backup player. He always becomes a coach in my games.

But if you could sell him and get a good replacement, that's always a good option.
He will survive 90 minutes.

I have had him as my starting CB for Spurs for 3 seasons now and he starts and finished almost every game.
He's Mr.Tottenham! he last nearly every game for me so would'nt sell him he neaver makes a mistake!!