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Jul 29, 2009
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Staring first season with leeds and got them straight into the championship, beckford and bojinov took me into the prem 1st season in the championship.Once in the prem the board started givng me atleast 20mil to spend each year. From 2011 - 2019 i started building a top 4 team and in 2020 i changed formation to 4-4-3 (2CB,LB,RB,3MC(no wingers),3ST) and won the legue for the first time and ever since have always won it every year. I found the best way make world class players was to buy them around 14 - 17 y.o and send them out on loan so make sure you have plenty of good feeder clubs. ihad dundee and they were once of the best in scotland thanks to my youth i wa ssending them. also make sure you have good youth system so you players can develop to there max. also make sure you have the best couches.when you do staff search make sure there reputation is world class. also try and get quality players when there old as you can give them couch roles, i had zidane, t.henry, gerrard, dezeko, j.cole, shelvey huntlerr, messi, xavi, fabregas. I have won loads of major cups many times with my team and if you look at my players you can see why. I brught in atleast 15 ppl a season and sold/loaned out atleast 20 sumtyms alot more.the most i spent was 101mil on a player jus becuase i had the funds to waste also spent 100mil on a player a few seasons before that.i made sure i sold people at the right time of age so i could get big money for them which also aloud me to bring a younger player into that position so he gets even better. Loffredo was my best player by far(you weill see why when you look at his stats) got him when he was 16 and sent him on loan at 17yrs old to dundee where he was amazin, ver since he been in my first team smashing records and become the best player in the world.Can't think of anything else so look below to see one of the best teams ever
http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5203/5277961258_de2f82f228_b.jpg" width="1024