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May 10, 2012
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Promoted at the end of my first season without big problems, ended midtable at the end of the second season but I've been disappointed because at a point I was on 7th and I've been knocked early from domestic cups.
The promotion team suffered big changes and the players I bought it, at my assistant recommendation, were simply **** (Coton has 20 at scouting after CA).
Basically I am in need of players for a midtable team to push forward and forward. I've got 26m transfer budget and 20m wage budget, but currently I've used only 10m from the wages.
I want to play a 4-2-3-1 formation. I've got Bressan on a Trequartista position, Lacina Traore as Target Man, I've bought in Elm for Deep Lying Playmaker (2m) and I'm about to bring a Belgian Ball winning mid to help Elm. Those are my best players.
I've got to sell a Morrocan winger who's been ****, Snodgrass has been poor and left free, Howson left, Aidan left too.
I've got Gioda, Bell for CB and Naughton and Bandalovski for RB. Dodo for LB, but he's been ****.
I need players for CM positions (backup), two inside forwards for AMR/L positions and more quality players.