Sep 5, 2011
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I cannot seem to win with leeds. With the latest update their budget is £4m.
Could anyone tell me what players to buy and also what tactics to apply so that i can win or at least survive a season?
Thanks a lot
With Leeds or any team in the CCC, I would concentrate on building a team based on Strength and Tactics rather then Attack and Ball Control. Sign/Use players with good physics and good mental stats. At this level, it's the teams that puts in a full effort and do it smart( using the players to their best and avoid the opponents to exploit the weaknesses) that wins.

So, my suggestion is the following.
- Play Rigid and Counter
- Use a formation that suits the squad
- consider if you have to use a DMC
- use your specialists, as a deep playmaker, a ballwinner, a target man, a defensive FC, an advanced playmaker in the AMR/L spot
- have enough players moving between the lines, like on FC dropping deep, one FC stretching the defence moving into channels, one MC bursting forward, one dropping deeper, one Fullback bombing forward, one staying back and crossing from deep etc
- Rotate the squad, it's a long season.
- Play those in form and with high morale etc
i signed Per Cijan Skjelbred on loan from Hamburg? and he got player of the year.
also brought in kemy agustien and chris herd on loan and bought luigi bruins
played 4-2-3-1 with narrow AM's and finished 2nd first season.

formation was:

mccormack skjelbred nunez
brown austin
white pearce lees peltier

varney did well in AM role, kisnorbo was reliable when one of the defenders were out.

stats wise:
becchio scored 22, skjelbred and somma got 15, varney got 12.
skjelbred had 15 assists, mccormack and nunez 10
lees, skjelbred, kisnorbo, pearce, delap (january signing), becchio, somma, varney and mccormack all finished with avg rating 7+ (if that means anything)

hopefully you get something out of that
Ive been frustrated playing as Leeds but after several save attempts i finally for them Prem in 1st season, finishing 6th on the last day of season and then winning the Play-Offs. My season was after the update so i didn't have Becchio or Nunez. But i did have £4million to spend. So I bought Alan Tate, Jay Bothroyd on loan and Haris Vučkić on loan. Rotating the formation and a couple of players seemed to help for me. And playing Ryan Hall (IF) on the right side got himself 13 goals (great pen taker & corner taker for Tate to head in at the near post)... So now im just looking for a few players to help strengthen my squad ready for the Prem.
The brendan rodgers tactic has hepled a lot I got promoted in my first season which was great, however I still think there could be more unkown signings out there if anyone has any let me know thanks
My leeds team won the league first season and I'm just going through pre-season before I try and survive in the prem.

Players Out (or demoted to reserves):
Pugh (Loan)
Somma (500k)
Varney (650k)
Norris (250k)
Ashdown (Free in January)
Drury (Free)
Brown (100k)

Players In:
Yaya Sanogo (Loan)
Pavel Horvath (550k)
Johan Andersson (170k)
Karel Pitak (375k)
Jamie Mackie (Loan)
Jay Bothroyd (loan)
Craig Gardner (loan)
Sebastian Leto (Febuary 2013 free)
Owen Hargreves (December 2012 free)

Other players I was chasing but went elsewhere
Alan Tate
Indrioi Sigurosson
Jonas Svensson
Darwin Quintero
Denis Stracqualursi

Players that must not be sold from the current leeds team for any reason:
Sam Byram
Aidan White
Tom Lees
Paul Green
Dan Atkinson
Dominic Poleon
Chris Dawson

4-2-4 Very Fluid Attacking
4-3-2-1 Very Rigid Control
4-4-1-1 Very Rigid Attacking

I scored 104 goals in the championship using these tactics. Knocked out by Cardiff 2-1 in 4th round capital one cup, and won the FA Cup.

Anything I can help anyone with just let me know.
You won the FA cup, 1st season, well done my man.

Are you using shouts / changing strategy, or are your tactics more plug & play? When do you choose how to deploy each tactic?.

You have done really well with that first season, congrats mate.
You must of started your game before the FM Update as you probs would of got the players you wanted with the better funds supplied by the new owners.

But you did great without it. Ive only just managed to get promoted once the funds where available. Mid-table at the moment in first season of premiership.
FA cup was quite flukey to be honest, played young dan Atkinson in goal most of the way and he did really well. Got some easy draws as well which helped.

Shouts, retain possession if I have 3 in midfield to try and keep the ball more. Run at defence when I keep breaking but not creating anything. That's about all really. Generally if the teams are stronger than me e.g cup or wolves/ Cardiff etc. then I use rigid and smaller teams I use fluid. I find using using the same tactic kind of in blocks of ten works quite well, depends on fixtures obviously.

Thus game was post update, budget started at 4 million, spent about 1 mill got 1.3 mill back from sales. Got a cash injection in December and end of season my budget was at 8 mill.

Tate went to Wigan, not much I could do. Sigurosson went to Blackburn- they're paying him 10k more than I was offering so understandable. Svensson signed a new contract at Rosenborg- he's only 19 so might look at him again. Quintero was available for 5 mill but considering I got Mackie, Bothroyd and Sanogo I didn't think it was necessary to pay that. Similar situation with stracqualursi.

You guys got any recommendations on who I should sign this season, pre-season just starting?
The loan deals on Bothroyd, Mackie and Gardner were 12 month deals and I've got buy options on them so still got time to decided whether to make their deals permanent or not.
Good work, If you play an AMC, have a look at Paredes, AMR Allione.

Any chance you can upload your tactics or share how you set your side up in terms of roles ?
Would do but I'm not sure how to upload my tactics?

You can export them from FM when you "manage tactics" from your tactic screen, then you can use something like mediafire to upload and share.

I Just Started A leeds save first but in the friendlies i had, i struggled and was beaten easily, then i used the Brendan rodgers 433 and won comfortable against levante 2 - 0.

Transfers i have made in and out have been - IN

Matt Mills - £2m from Bolton
Danilo Bueno - Free Transfer
Jak Alnwick - 850K From Newcastle
Max Clayton - £1m + Incentives From Crewe

Out -
Michael Brown 65k
Danny Pugh Transfer listed
Got promoted in my first season, it done after update and also have LUFC summer update on.

I used the TM Winger Fm13 Raikan007 Testing Phase 1 - 442 with AL and AR

My first season i had £7m to spend so i brought in Jamie Mackie - £4m (board interaction)
Matt Ritchie - Bournemouth for £1.4m plus Michael Brown
Owain Fon Williams - Tranmere For £800K - Now Welsh #1
Brought in Anthony stokes on a free (transfer request) in january he was a good back up.
Owen Hargreaves On A free just before November Free transfer window close
David bentley on a Free august

El hadji Diouf

Finished 1st on 90pts
- 26 Wins
- 12 Draws
- 8 loses.
Leeds united new to game

Hi all

im new to fm and just want some pointers, hopefully you lot can help me get my tactics n training right I hate loosing
Hi all

im new to fm and just want some pointers, hopefully you lot can help me get my tactics n training right I hate loosing

I couldn't tell you my tactics of the top of my head but I found changing my formation to three at the back with two wing-backs really helped. Only just managed to get promoted through play offs before changing formation. Since then I've been unstoppable really. Just losing the odd game a season. I'm in year 2025 now. Still haven't won prem but have been close in last two seasons losing out on goal difference in one of them. Won the FA Cup twice and got to Europa cup final once. This season still on course to win the quadruple. So I'd say try that formation with maybe a CDM in there too like I did. Two in CM, 1 in AMC and then a lone striker up top.